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    A nice compliment at the gym

    It's funny, I was just reading through the facebook thread... I am not that active on here, but the reason I came on today was because I wanted to share a story that my facebook friends wouldn't necessarily appreciate :) So I was at the gym this morning, and you know how you see someone...
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    heart rate calorie calculator weirdness

    Ok, so this is sort of a theoretical question... I don't usually pay a huge amount of attention to calories, but I'm still very puzzled. The background: I am a member of a hot yoga/ circuit training studio that has some very intense classes. The other day the studio made a post on their...
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    Best stretching video?

    I am looking for a stretch routine or two to do after I run in the mornings. I could just stretch on my own, but I'm one of those people who's more likely to actually DO ______ (insert anything in the blank) if I have someone telling me what to do. If I try to stretch by myself I'm just as...
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    Metro Dash

    Metro Dash® | Obstacle Course - Home Is anyone doing this or has anyone done it before? I'm signed up in Charlotte this Saturday and I'm soooooo excited. The gym teacher always set up an obstacle course once a year when I was in elementary school and it was the highlight of my year :D
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    Steve Cotter

    Does anyone have Steve Cotter's Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting (either volume) and do you think it's worthwhile? There are a few clips from it on youtube and I think he has a really good, thorough way of teaching the correct way to do all the moves, but I'm hesitant to spend $100 on it...
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    Running Shoes

    So, I know that there is no "best" shoe, and it's a matter of what works for a person's individual foot. However, I am having a lot of trouble finding running shoes that work for me, so I thought maybe if I describe my feet someone on the board might say "hey,she sounds just like me" and tell me...
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    kettlebell question

    Ok, I've searched the forums and read a bunch of kettlebell threads, but I haven't really found the answer to my question. I got a 10lb. gofit kettlebell for Christmas, and the 26th I did the "workout" that came with it-- really just showing how to do 5 exercises: turkish getups, two hand...
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    walmart step

    Hi everyone. My mom watched me do Body Max 2 the other day and now she really wants to start doing Cathe's step workouts, but she is a total beginner. She used to run when she was much younger, but hasn't exercised at all in a long time. We were at Wal-Mart last night, and they had the...