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    Who's In??

    I got lucky number 7 woot woot!!
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    Cathe important question!!

    Hi Cathe hope to see you soon! I was unable to book a room at the Coronado because I have 5 in my family and they said I would need 2 rooms (not in my budget). So I booked us into a hotel about 10 mins from the Coronado. Would my family be able to come over throughout the weekend and use the...
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    STS and One rep max

    Hi Cathe!!!! I am in week 4 of Meso 3 and would love to continue on for another 3 month rotation. My question is do I need to redo my one rep max tests as obviously I can lift heavier weights now than in Meso 1 so those weights would be too light. I want to make sure I am staying on the right...
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    Need roomie !!!

    Hey everyone I really need a roomie!!! I am coming from Dallas. Anyone need someone to share with??? I missed the deadline for making reservations!!! Help!!! Teresa
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    Cathe I'm confused!

    Hi Cathe I like to follow you on Twitter and see what you are up to! You had made a comment about a week ago about trying to resist a craving at 3pm. My question is if the body is asking for fuel shouldn't we refuel it? I know when I get hungry and I get hungry all the time I have to give my...
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    Room mate any one???

    Hi I made it no 23!!! I went last year it was a blast!! Anyone interested in rooming at the Fairfield?? I am Teresa living in Texas but I'm british and transplated here!! I had too much coffee I could barely type straight!!! Hope to hear from someone!!! Teresa
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    Anyone else feeling blue???

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone out there is feeling blue after returning from the road trip. For some reason I am depressed and can't get myself back into the old routine. All I can think about is Cathe and all the RT's I met and the whole weekend and how awesome it was. It didn't...
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    Friday night Meet and Greet

    I was just reading throught the packing list and read that Friday evening there is a Fitness Road Relay. Are we participating in that?? It said wear aerobic shoes and shorts and as I was planning on dressing up a bit and wearing sandals just wanted to check on what we should be wearing and what...
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    Cathe!!!! Thank you!!!!

    First of all Cathe Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope you got to do lots of fun things with your boys!!! I have been following your May rotation and Friday I did KPC stability ball abs and I did a complete pike on the ball!!! I am so proud of myself!!! I have been doing them with you on each rotation...
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    Turning 40

    I am turning 40 next week(Monday) and I'm really down about it. I've been working out with Cathe since last year and aerobically I'm in the best shape ever but I cannot eat clean to save my life. I halfway do it then end up bingeing on chocolate or whatever. I have gained over 10 pounds and it...
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    "Dirty" Easter eating

    Ok who out there had a "dirty" day of eating on Easter Sunday??? I am still full and bloated from all the chocolate. I feel so guilty but could not help myself!!! I had eaten clean knowing I was going to fall hard on Sunday but still I feel like a loser!!!! How well did everyone behave or not...
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    Bootcamp Rotation

    Hi Cathe!!!! Just a couple questions on some of the exercises in the bootcamp rotation. First is a low pulsing hover squat the same as a sit n stand??? And what is the difference between walking lunges and alternating front lunges? When you say 400 lunges I'm assuming you mean without taking a...
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    Creatine Monohydrate

    Hi Cathe Red Bull Girl here!! Ha Ha!!! Anyway I need your advice on Creatine Monohydrate. I read it was good for you no stimulants steroids etc... and that it aids in recovery and strength so I bought the Creatine Fruit Punch drink mix and mix a scoop with 8oz water after my workouts. However it...
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    Road Trip

    Hi Cathe I would be honored and thrilled to be a part of your road trip!! What is the procedure if only about 100 can attend? First come first served? Hubby has said go for it and have a great time so I am so excited to start planning!!! My kids will be back in school mid August ages 5 and 8...
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    Red Bull

    Hi Cathe I have been using your workouts for several months now. You have really whipped me into shape!!! I just wanted to know how you feel about the Red Bull energy drink. I have been drinking one about 30 mins before my workouts for the last few days and I see a big difference in my...
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    Imax 2

    I am new to Imax 2 and it is awesome!!! How high is everybody setting their step for this workout? I am using 6 inch while I learn all the combos and it is killer!!! Thanks!! Teresa