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    Skin care in your 40's

    Thanks for the link! I live in Canada and called Sephora, it sells for $237 CND here. I checked the price thru the link, total is $168 USD (so about $160 CND), I ordered it yesterday and it will be here today :D
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    As promised a pic of my puppy!

    So cute! Thank you for sharing that warms my heart :D
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    How do you handle people who ask for money???

    As I mentioned in a previous post, there are numerous social agencies in Canada (not sure about the situation in the U.S.) whose purpose it is to help the legitimately disadvantaged. I do support these agencies financially and my conscience is clean, knowing that I do help those in need...
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    How do you handle people who ask for money???

    I always say no and keep on moving. We have plenty of social agencies in Canada to help people who are legitimately in need. I do not want to possibly help support someone's drug habit or disinclination to work for a living.
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    You Nasty Finger Lickers!

    or those in public washrooms who, after using the bathroom, rinse their hands under running water for like 2 seconds, don't use soap, don't scrub, and then think their hands are clean. yuck!
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    VERY strange dating question

    I would trust my intuition on this.
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    Press Play Saturday Check-in

    I did PP at 4 a.m. :eek:, my sweetie got up at 3 to study and I couldnt get back to sleep. Still not ready to do a bonus round, but I did complete it! I dedicate this one to Marc. Best to your BIL, Nan -- it isn't easy, but it can be day at a time... one minute at a time...whatever...
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    What to do with changes in cat behavior?

    LOL! I had some mice in my house a couple of years ago, and Puddin was in cat heaven. My precious little angel turned into a fiend -- seriously, she had this evil glow in her eyes when she caught one (after playing with it a bit). I had to set some traps because I would prefer it to be quick for...
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    Calling all outdoor / barn cat experts!

    You guys rock!!!
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    A reminder for cat owners

    Black kitties get such a raw deal -- I've heard that they're the last to get adopted and that's so sad...:(
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    What to do with changes in cat behavior?

    With the food issue, I know what it's like to have finicky cats. I buy food from the Vet as little Mickey had some urinary problems a few years back and I needed to get specialized food for him. The Vet gave me several samples to try until I found one that all three would eat. Is that an option...
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    A reminder for cat owners

    THAT'S IT!! You got it right on! :mad:
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    Liann! Congratulations!

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    A reminder for cat owners

    Animal abuse stories bring out such rage in me :mad::mad::mad: that I can't listen to or read about them. It's insane rage, it scares me that I can get so angry. My little black cat Mickey is my little buddy. Poor little guy has gotten his butt whipped a few times by my two little gals Puddin &...
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    Banks Want To Know How Much They Can Get Away With!

    Thanks for that. Big Brother is watching us, I don't think there is any such thing as privacy in this technological age :(.
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    Do you think this is rude...

    That is great! Don't you feel better now? Communication is SO important. Have fun at the wedding! :)
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    Banks Want To Know How Much They Can Get Away With!

    I use my credit cards to pay for everything, but I never carry a balance. They keep increasing my credit limit to a ridiculous amount, but I still pay in full every month. If they start charging me for this, I'm done!
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    Do you think this is rude...

    Well, it's your choice. And it really is a choice, you do have the option to say no. Think about it carefully...what's the worst that can happen if you do say no? Maybe a cost/benefit analysis would help. Then make peace with whatever your decision is. Just my opinion, take it or leave it.
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    Press Play on Candy Day????

    I'm in! Dedicating this to my friend Marc.
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    Apples make me hungry. Anyone??

    Same here! Wonder why that is? I do love, love, love apples...the smell of them, the crunch when I bite into one, then first tangy taste that hits the tongue....YUM. I'm off for a Royal Gala right now...:p