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    Bosu Workout DVD

    Noticing on Facebook Cathe doing exercises on the Bosu equipment. Cathe should think about making a DVD workout with Bosu. I know I have to work on my balance and I heard Bosu is a great way to do it. I don’t know any exercises on it. I know Bosu are expensive, but I would buy it. As people get...
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    Buying A New Step

    Hi Everyone! If you are Step Crazy like me I found The Step on Amazon and it looks really cool! Now, I haven’t bought it yet, but what I really liked was the risers! If anyone has done Cathe’s chest exercises she does it on the Step, but sometimes you have to tilt it. Cathe does have a riser...
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    Atlus Equipment Cathe Equipment

    I was wondering what happened to Cathe Gear??? Cathe use to sell equipment on her website and now most of it is gone. I watched on YouTube in 2009 that Atlus came to her Roadtrip in Glassboro and showed off their equipment with the Cathe Logo, but I went to their website and there is very little...
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    Yes! I Finally Order Step Boss!!!

    I finally did it!! I put my money where my mouth is!!! I ordered Step Boss!!! I am a True Stepacholic!!! I have never ordered a Cathe Workout that was under construction (I guess you would say that). I didn’t ordered Cathe LITE series because back in my mind I knew there wouldn’t be a...
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    Did Step Moves 99.9% Perfectly

    I have to give myself a pat on the back!! I did Step Moves 99.9% Perfectly!! I did Combo 1, and the Combo 2 right! Combo 2 was my dragon and today I conquered it!! It took me 2 years, but I did!!!! I can’t believe it!!! I got all the steps in the right place and it came together!!! Now, Combo...
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    Cathe Live #17 IMAX 44 Mins Step Workout

    Highly Recommend this Step Workout!!! I did the work today June 29, 2019 on one riser with a few modifications. This is like IMAX 2, but a little bit easier. It has eight parts to it instead ten like IMAX 2. I like about is there isn’t a lot of jumping on and straddling the Step. It is still...
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    Step in Cardio Party

    Just finished the Step Premix in Cardio Party. It was 28 minutes. It has a warm up, but not with the Step, and then it has four combos, but the second combo is repeated. I thought it was going to be 1-4, not 1,2,2,3,4. So, I had to stop it to make sure there wasn't a problem. There was no...
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    LITE on demand?

    Can anyone tell me if they got LITE on their Cathe On-demand on Roku yet??? I know it is going to take some tome. But, when someone h As it on their Roku, could you write a message here! Thanks! Jen
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    Cathe Glassboro Road Trip Late July 2019?????

    Wondering is Cathe going to have her Road Trip at her gym this July 2019?? I know she is doing the Chicago trip, but is she going to have her New Jersey trip as well? Thank You!
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    Why Doesn't Sell More Fitness Equipment?

    I noticed on she used to sell more fitness equipment. She sold The step, and other equipment(ball, loops, and mats) but now she only sells the long stretchy bands and one blue tubing band. I liked that she sold more fitness equipment, so it matched her dvds. Now, I have to buy it from...
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    When LITE be on CATHE Ondemand???

    I know that when FitSplit came out, it was on demand. When will the LITE series be Cathe ondemand, after LITE DVDs are mailed out? Thanks!
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    Wondering About Cast Member Cede?

    Don't mean to be nosey, but I noticed that Cede hasn't been in any of the new series of workouts recently. I remember the Cathe would look to Cede as the counter! I miss Cede! I remember her from Basic Step, Low Impact Step, LoMax. I also, noticed that she was the cheer leader in the group...
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    Happy Cathe is Cathe!

    Wanted to make a comment about Cathe! I totally love Cathe! I know I'm the past I recommended that Cathe have more beginner workouts! I was wrong in that recommendation! I thought that if there were more beginner workouts that more people would come and love Cathe like I do! I remember when I...
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    Cathe Could You Please End This Debate On Beginners And Intermediates Workouts

    Dear Cathe, I know you only have a few beginner workouts, like Basic Step, Stretching Series, and your strength workouts, FitTower. Your intermediate Body Fusion, Low Impact Step and a tougher LoMax (Step), FitTower. Then you have ICE, which you have intermediate. I have done the workout and...
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    Type Of Workouts Cathletes Need To Work On For Road Trip 2018

    Wondering what type of Cathe Workouts that we should need to work on? Cathe has so many! Or is it a complete surprise? I am just nervous because Cathe has so many exercises and I am afraid that I am going to look like a complete dork when I am at her Road Trip 2018. I am familiar with most of...
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    Cathe Live Thursday Before Road Trip 2018

    Hi! I was wondering is Cathe going to teach Cathe Live Before the Road Trip 2018? And if so, can visitors com and work out with Cathe and her Live Workout Crew too? I know that we have to give two week notice if we are going to visit. Thanks, Jenny Denny
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    Cathe Live Crew! How Do They Do It So Perfectly!

    I have been doing Cathe Live! I am a beginner at it and I noticed that the people in the workout are awesome! I wondered how they got to be that way?? I did Cathe Step routine and they were so perfectly intuned to her. I thought I had it, but I was wrong! I don't mean to meddle, but just wanted...