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  1. crm549

    Schedule for Friday

    Is this still going to be the schedule for Friday? Trying to determine when I need to arrive now that things have change. The Plaza Hotel has a check in time of 4pm. Friday Schedule Time Event Description 12:00pm – 2:30pm Registration & Shopping 3:00pm – 4:00pm First Class with Cathe 4:00pm –...
  2. crm549

    2014 Glassboro Trip Date

    I saw the blog entry that you will be using a new hotel for the 2014 Glassboro trip and that you had already reserved 70 rooms - (I think that is what it said) but it didn't mentioned the dates for the trip. Per past years, will the trip be schedue for the last weekend in July (25th - 27th)...
  3. crm549

    What happened to my pictures and albums?

    My pictures and albums are not longer present. A couple of other people I know said they don't see theres as well. What happened. Thanks Saundra
  4. crm549

    I cannot get to my social group.

    I can't get to the Fitness Favorites Social Group or the Xtrainers Social Group. It is coming up with a Database Error when I click on the site. Another member is having the same issue. I have tried with both my PC and MAC and I am getting the same error. Thanks Saundra
  5. crm549

    2011 Group Photo?

    Hi Roadtrippers. I hope everyone made it home safely. Did they pass out a 2011 Group Photo picture? I just realized that I didn't get one and wasn't sure if I somehow missed it or they just did not hand them out this year. Thanks Saundra
  6. crm549

    Cathe Sets

    I probably should wait until I actually get the new workouts to declare this but I am going to say that the set in the newest workouts is the best Cathe set. I would followed this by: 2nd - The set in 4 day split 3rd - The set in Shock Cardio/STS. Has anyone come up with a collective...
  7. crm549

    Upper Body Weight Workouts

    Hi SNM, thanks for asking for suggestions. I would love another Upper Body only weight workout that works all 5 muscle groups in under an hour. The only workout like this that Cathe has is Pyramid Upper Body. Saundra
  8. crm549

    Heavy Bag Bonus Workout

    How long (length of time) is the Heavy Bag Bonus Workout? Thank you Saundra
  9. crm549


    Is there no one monitoring the Support Forums any longer? There reason I am asking because I have posted a question/request on November 9 and I have not received a response. And as far as I can tell, no one else has receive a response to anything they have posted on those forums either. The...
  10. crm549

    Social Group Navigation

    I have asked this question once and have yet to receive a reply. Is there anyway we can get the reply box back at the top of the thread instead of at the bottom? Really really unhappy :mad: with the changes that were made to the Social Group forums. Thank you.
  11. crm549

    Names for HiiT Workouts

    Shock Cardio HiiT - High Intensity Interval Training Will there be names for these 3 workouts such as that given for the other Shock Cardio workouts - or will they simply be called HiiT1, HiiT2 & HiiT3? Thanks Saundra
  12. crm549

    Question for Cathe TV - Reps

    I am in the process of doing the STS rotation and I have a question about moves that work one side of the body and then the other side. If the exericise calls for doing 12 reps, but say I was only able to do 10 reps on the right side, when I get to the left side should I stop at 10 are try to...
  13. crm549

    Sneak Peak for Cardio to include with STS

    Cathe and/or SNM Now that STS is in the hands of Sony is it possible that we can get a look at a typical STS rotation you have planned out. I am most interested in some of the recommended cardio options you are proposing we include in our STS rotation. Also if you can provide information...
  14. crm549

    Bonus Extended Stretch.

    SNM, Can you tell me how long the Bonus Extended Stretch that is included in nearly every STS workout will be? Thanks Saundra
  15. crm549

    Boxercise Items

    No suggestion, just wondering when the Boxercise Items will be back in stock? Thanks Saundra
  16. crm549

    Cardio Suggestions?

    Hi Cathe, Have you had a chance yet to come up with your recommendations for Cardio? If so can we get a glimpse? Thanks Saundra
  17. crm549

    Cathe Weighted Vest is selling the Cathe Weighted Vest for $29.95. Saundra
  18. crm549

    STS Warmup & Cool down included?

    I know there is going to be a bonus stretch included with each video, but does each STS workout include its own Warmup and Cool Down as well? Thanks Saundra
  19. crm549

    Suggetion for Calendar Entries

    Actually a request for sometime in the future - If it is already possible to do what I am about to ask, please let me know: The Calendar in Workout Manager. I would like to be able to add notes to the calendar - notes that I can see when I display the calendar. The bars that display - DVD...
  20. crm549

    Received an email from

    Fairfield Inn by Marriott Reservation reminding me of my upcoming stay at the Fairfield Inn Deptford. I think it was nice that they did. It gives me piece of mind. Saundra