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    Help - DH afraid of me lifting

    Short history - I'm 17 weeks pregnant. I have been on major exercise restrictions due to getting pregnant with fertility (IUIs and injectibles) then I had some spotting issues week 12-14. (I could only walk, and wasn't to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk.) However, I'm fine now...
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    Clothes for tall thin people?

    OK, reposting because 4T does look like Toddler, and I meant 4 tall. I just have a hard time finding clothes that fit period. Pants are easier to find that shirts. I can't find anything that fits both my shoulders and my waist, and I rarely can find things with long enough sleeves. Does...
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    Where to buy clothes?? Size 4T

    Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to buy clothes? I can actually find pants in my size occasionally here and there, but I have the hardest time finding a shirt that fits in the shoulders, the waist, and has long enough sleeves? With fall coming, I so want to shop, but it is so...
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    advanced exercisers -suggestions?

    Lately, I can't seem to get my heartrate up like I used to be able to in a Cathe aerobic dvd. I have been trying to make my own mixes to help me get a better workout. I would also like to buy some more dvd's to add more variety. I'm looking for suggestions of the workouts and/or mish moshes...
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    Where to buy as step in Houston

    I am just wondering if anyone out there lives in Houston and could tell me where I can buy a step. I would really like one of the black ones like are used in the videos. I have found one of the pink ones at Acadamy, but would prefer black and gray. Any suggestions? I have been using the...
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    New with a few questions

    I am new to Cathe. I just found her on Monday when I turned on FitTV. She is just what I am looking for. I have been doing FIRM, but I have been looking for something more challenging for a while. Can anyone suggest a good set of DVD's of an intermediate to advanced exerciser? I have looked...