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  1. nccjones

    Low Max for Cathe Live?

    Hi Cathe! I've been a Cathe Live subscriber since the beginning and love it! I was wondering (hoping) that you would do a version of your Low Max for a Cathe Live episode. I absolutely love Low Max, but would love to see a little variation of one. Thanks! Laura :)
  2. nccjones

    STS on ebay

    If anyone is interested, here is listing for the complete set on ebay:
  3. nccjones

    New to downloads

    Hi, I'm new to downloads and had only purchased DVD's in the past. I have been purchasing Cathe's DVD's for 10 years now and have always purchased in the pre-sale time frame. I'm starting to think I made a huge mistake purchasing downloads vice DVD's. I saved the videos to my One Drive as to...
  4. nccjones

    Live Class Request?

    I'm not sure if there is a thread for this, but I was wondering if I can suggest a class for a future live version? I was hoping for a Low Max type class. I know you have a few leg workouts already and cardio leg blast seems to be popular (which I do love), but Low Max has always been one of...
  5. nccjones

    This content is currently not online....

    I hope it's something I'm doing wrong, but on when I go to the Live Stream on my iPhone (I plan to airplay to my TV) I can see all the videos, but on the left side it says "This content is currently not online. Please check back later to see if the content becomes available". When I hit play...
  6. nccjones

    Aging question

    Cathe, I know you are in Chicago, but I hope you get a chance to read this question. I was wondering, as a trainer, have you noticed changes in your body (physique) as you've aged? I mean, do your workouts today still give you the same the results as they did, say, 10 years ago? The...
  7. nccjones

    Workout Manager app

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before but I was wondering if there was any chance that the Workout Manager could eventually be an app for the iPad/iPod? Thanks :) Laura
  8. nccjones

    How did I mess this up?

    I went to check on my order status and saw that I apparently only ordered the download versions only on July 17th. I don't even do downloads! I thought I had ordered the DVD set. I hope I can get this fixed, if not, I just through $90 away :( I emailed support...but I still can't figure...
  9. nccjones

    Starting to worry about the slip & gliding

    I just watched the video clips and they do look awesome! But I am a little worried about the slip and glides. I live in a small condo and my workout area is in front of the only tv set I have...the living room that is carpeted. I have been using the furniture glides for Cathe's previous...
  10. nccjones

    Difference between DVD's only and Deluxe?

    Hi! I recieved the flyer in the mail and I was so excited!!!! I don't come on the website often enough so as soon as I got to work today I came right on. In the preorder section, it has many options (I don't need the downloads) but there was a Low Impact Series Only DVD for $89.97 and a Low...
  11. nccjones


    Okay, are there any other 40 somethings going through perimenopause? A month ago I was getting severe hot flashes...about 4-5 an hour! My obgyn put me on Loestrin which was a miracle! It got rid of my hot flashes totally. But I'm finding I have absolutely no energy! I would work out 5-6...
  12. nccjones

    Calgon...take me away!

    I really need help understanding this. I know everyone says it's so easy, but my little brain is just not picking up on this. I'm still in Meso 1, just finished disc #6. But I notice that now we went from 60% 1rm to 65% 1rm. I don't understand the increase. Am I supposed to go heavier in...
  13. nccjones

    Dumbbell weights

    I know there are a million questions regarding STS and the more I read, the more I'm not sure if STS is for me. I love Cathe's other weight programs, but the most I ever use is up to 12 lbs. I have one 15 lb for one arm rows. My question is....if I get STS, am I going to have to purchase...
  14. nccjones

    Recovered from torn hip labrum

    Hi Cathe! I just wanted to say thank you for all you done for me! I know you don't remember, but a year and a half ago I posted that I had a right torn hip labrum. I had surgery January 2, 2007 and it took a year to recover from. Well, I'm getting back into solid workouts again and I'm...