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  1. kathydaffy

    Bundle Mania - Should I get ICE?

    Tough question (as everyone else has noted)! LITE to me is very intermediate and while some of the ICE workouts felt moderate too there were a few that were tougher - Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox, Total Body Metabolic Training and Low Impact Sweat. Those to me were harder than some of the more...
  2. kathydaffy

    Recovery week

    Great question that I'd love to find an answer to!! I work out most days of the week but lately I've found I'm more sluggish/moody/irritable after a few months of constant training (with my weekly rest day included). I read that taking a full week off isn't a bad thing - taking the time off...
  3. kathydaffy

    Strong and Sweaty Subtitutions

    Strong & Sweaty is a great series but out of all the workouts the two I reach for a lot are Total Body Giant Sets and Ramped Up Upper Body - especially RUUB! I love the upper splits that Cathe has but RUUB is great when you want to work everything in under an hour. I confess that I'm not a...
  4. kathydaffy

    Best workouts for working out anger/stress/sadness

    Yes to what Jane said - while it's helpful to punch and grunt your way through the emotional pain (which I know can be unbearable at times) relaxation/breathing through yoga can help with the stress as well. Do what feels right for you in the moment and don't beat yourself up if you don't...
  5. kathydaffy

    Strong & Sweaty or Fit Split

    Another vote for Strong & Sweaty! I think there is more variety than with Fit Split (although I do like the boxing and weight training segments)... you get Boot Camp, Cardio, Upper Body, PHA, Giant Sets, etc., versus shorter and compact workouts with Fit Split. Fit Split does have a "legs...
  6. kathydaffy

    Best workouts for working out anger/stress/sadness

    I'm so sorry about your brother and please accept my deepest condolences as it is never easy losing a beloved sibling (my little brother died suddenly and unexpectedly 3 years ago so I truly sympathize). The anger and frustration that come with grief can be so hard but god for you for...
  7. kathydaffy

    Just plain better

    I love this series too, especially on days where I don't have a ton of oomph but still want to do something that's fun and as challenging as I want to make it without killing myself! I adore Hard Strikes but Rev'd Up Rumble is great for light (no pun intended!) days, as is Stacked Upper Body...
  8. kathydaffy

    Rev'd Up Rumble

    This was such an enjoyable workout! The music was awesome and the moves were great... will be returning to this one on days where I don't want something too strenuous (i.e. all the jumping jacks/scissors in Hard Strikes!). I didn't do the calorie crush but I wore weighted gloves and those...
  9. kathydaffy

    Detailed LITE Series Reviews

    Thank you for posting this! :)
  10. kathydaffy

    Series for beginners.

    So far I love this series but I can see how seasoned Catheletes would find some of the workouts easier than Cathe's older videos; I think that was the intention, though, as LITE was originally going to be ICE 2 (I believe?). Pyramid Pump is definitely not as challenging as Pyramid Upper Body...
  11. kathydaffy

    Lovin' Lite!!!

    I love everything I've done too! Pyramid Pump and both Stacked workouts were awesome... as is the music and set! Six-pack abs was more challenging than I expected... a good thing, I guess? :D
  12. kathydaffy

    *Stacked Upper Body* A+++

    I agree that Stacked Upper Body is awesome! Cathe gets so much done in such a short period of time - I went up in weight for most of the exercises and while at first I thought I was lifting too light those partial reps were killer! Six-pack abs #2 was pretty challenging as well, especially...
  13. kathydaffy

    LITE Is Estimated to Start Shipping Jan 10th - Are You Ready!!!

    Got my notice - yay! Can't wait for this series! :)
  14. kathydaffy

    Please stop screaming during Live workouts.

    I agree with mrsctoo - different strokes for different folks! I like the encouragement Cathe gives during her Live classes as it keeps me motivated (and makes me laugh) but I understand that other people may feel differently. To each his own! I for one am grateful that Cathe has allowed us...
  15. kathydaffy

    Lite Music

    Just my two cents - I loved the music in Rockout Knockout, X10, Lean Legs & Abs, Flex Train and Great Glutes since everything was recognizable. I know there are legal/copyright issues but I would love it if the new series had a soundtrack along similar lines! :)
  16. kathydaffy

    Can't log into workout manager

    Working fine for me too if I access it through the forums... thanks everyone for the help! :)
  17. kathydaffy

    Can't log into workout manager

    Hi - is anyone else having trouble getting onto Workout Manager? I've been getting invalid username/password messages the past few days but was still able to get in but today I'm completely blocked. I haven't changed either my username or password so I was wondering if I'm the only one having...
  18. kathydaffy

    Pre-Order Cathe's "LITE" Workout Videos Designed for Intermediate Exercisers

    Just ordered! I love workout blender but find myself returning to DVDs when the internet is down and since I love all things Cathe I caved... :)
  19. kathydaffy

    So excited...order placed - anyone else?

    I agree with everyone who wrote that these sound fabulous because they DO! I'm loving more pyramid style workouts along with the stretches... and the PHA... and the boxing... and... all of it! :)
  20. kathydaffy

    Cathe's Next Filming Project

    Can't wait until Friday for more info... but thank you so much Cathe for doing what you're doing and creating exciting new series for all of us! :)