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    Restarting STS September 21

    Hi Everyone, I just got back from a Caribbean Cruise :D and ready to restart STS. I only got through a few discs when I started a couple of months ago, but now I'm ready to commit to doing the whole series. Anyone starting on Sept 21??
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    iphone or blackberry -- which one do u prefer?

    Hi everyone - I am going to purchase either an iphone or Blackberry this week, and am looking for recommendations or suggestions? I am technologically backward, so need something that's reasonably easy to figure out. thanks!
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    My new Octane elliptical has arrived!

    WOOHOO! It arrived this afternoon. :D:D:D Can't wait to get home and play with it some, figure out all the little doodads on the console. Tonight was supposed to be a Meso 1 Disc 4 night, but I think I'll have to move that one to tomorrow night.
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    Terminator DVD

    Happy Monday everyone - I see that this DVD is on special this week. Are these workouts hard on the joints? I want to expand my Cathe collection, but need to be realistic about what I can handle. Thanks!:)
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    Banana Bread

    Anybody have a recipe for healthy banana bread? I have a bunch that are over ripe that I need to use soon. TIA!
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    I just wanted to thank you for all your informative posts. I'm 54 years old and just recently started to work out with Cathe again (did about 10 years ago for a couple of years but then stopped and became a slug), STS series, using CC for Cardio, and this time I'm also being very cognizant about...
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    Reformed Cat Hater

    Another post made me think of something....when I first started going with my guy, he absolutely despised cats. Well I have three cats who I love to pieces. Anyway, he did not say anything to me about how he used to feel until quite recently. The cool thing is...he now loves my little Lulu girl...
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    EXPENSIVE week!

    Well, I am buying the Octane 47e elliptical...which was recommended by Michele. And I bought Cardio Coach Volumes 1 - 8, and PUMP...which were recommended by Michele. Thanks, Michele :D I also bought a weighted vest...recommended by Cathe!
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    Happy Canada Day!

    To all my fellow Canadians -- Happy Canada Day! Hope you all are planning something fun to do today in celebration of our great country.:D
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    There's a bunny in my yard!

    I just looked out the window and there's a cute little cottontail bunny in the yard chowing down on my lawn. It's unusual to see wildlife around here since they widened the road near my place, cut down all the trees to allow for a four lane 80 km/h road :( I used to have deer, coyotes, lots of...
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    Tired, worn out, exhausted

    I started STS last week and found myself tired right out this weekend. Just today I figured it out...I'm only supposed to do cardio only 3 days a week, right? I've been doing cardio every day during my lunch break, plus abs from ab circuits M, W, & F, plus STS M, W & F.
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    Another Cardio Coach Convert

    Ok, I downloaded CC Volume 1 last night and listened to it while working out on the elliptical here at work. I'm sold, it was great. Tonight, I download the other volumes. thanks to everyone who told me about this excellent product.:)
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    Elliptical Machine recommendations

    Hi everyone - I'm seriously thinking of investing in a good elliptical machine. Any recommendations?
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    Products available in Canada?

    Hi Cathe - are your products available for purchase in Canada? If not, any plans for the future? Our government hits us with duty whenever we import something from across the border, as if we're not taxed to death already :rolleyes: Thanks, and keep up the good work! I just got STS and...
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    some more Cathe converts

    I brought my Ab Circuits DVD to work so that I could get in a quick ab workout during lunch break. Now I have a little group of my colleagues joining in, including one of the guys. They had never heard of Cathe before, but are now going to check out her website and order some DVD's.:)
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    STS 6 Month Rotation

    Hi everyone - I know it's in here somewhere, but I cannot find the 6 month STS rotation. Is it doing all of Meso 1, then doing it again before going on to Meso 2? Or is it doing Meso 1 week 1, then Meso 1 week 1 again, week 2, then week 2 again, etc? thanks! Lori
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    Suitable for those with joint probs?

    Hi everyone - I've ordered the STS strength series, and am intrigued by the Shock Cardio set but...I have loose joints and find that I can't tolerate high impact. My cardio workouts consist of elliptical and fast walking on the treadmill. Does this series have a lot of high impact? Thanks! Lori
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    Canadian orders

    Hi everyone - I ordered my STS set and they were listed as 'shipped' on May 19, not here yet. How long does it usually take for Canadian orders to arrive? No, I'm not impatient:p
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    They're in the mail!

    Hi everyone - I've been reading about everyone's success with this program and so I finally ordered the 40 DVD set last week. I can't wait to get started. I was using Cathe's Pure Strength, and Slow and Heavy series for a few years, but have slacked off big time over the last year and a half...