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  1. crm549

    Schedule for Friday

    Is this still going to be the schedule for Friday? Trying to determine when I need to arrive now that things have change. The Plaza Hotel has a check in time of 4pm. Friday Schedule Time Event Description 12:00pm – 2:30pm Registration & Shopping 3:00pm – 4:00pm First Class with Cathe 4:00pm –...
  2. crm549


    Hello All, Checking in this morning with Michelle Dozois Sweat & Burn. Susan, Yes. Ma'am I did buy S&S. I probably won't get to the workout for awhile though. The weather has been up and down here in DC suburbs. We are suppose to get snow tonight. NOT looking forward to it.
  3. crm549


    Happy New Years everyone! Today I am checking in with a 3-mile walk on the treadmill.
  4. crm549


    Ditto on the rain and snow. Checking in with Jessica Smith Boost Metabolism and Muscle.
  5. crm549


    Good Morning Yesterday was Zumba Max 1 Today was Sams' Club and Walmart run. Next week I start a Jessica Smith walking rotation.
  6. crm549


    Lisa. I know I know. December already. I truly think 2016 has been one of the fastest years on record. Checking in with Zumba's Let's Dance Workout.
  7. crm549


    Good Morning Slowing getting back into the workout swing. Sunday was KCM's Meltdown. Monday - walking
  8. crm549


    Hi Ladies. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Thank you for the well wishes, the hip is much better. Susan, yes.. I will try to go to Kelly's trip if she has one.
  9. crm549


    Good Morning and Happy Thursday Still just walking, stretching the hip and doing inversion.
  10. crm549


    Thanks Ladies. I feel as if I am back on the mend but do not want to get too excited yet. Felt that way last Thursday and then it got worse. Right now I am just doing inversion and stretching K, my Dad is doing better. He tells me his is out of pain. Although he still has trouble with daily...
  11. crm549


    Happy Belated Birthday Shelley. Hi ladies. Been held up these past couple of weeks. I did something wicked to my outer thigh. Barely been able to walk some days. I think it was a combo of running a 10K and moving right in my Michelle Dozois Fit challenge workouts without a break. Anyway I am...
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    Hi All, No workout today.
  13. crm549

    3 days to go

  14. crm549

    5 days to go

    Went to work for 4hours this mornign and then ran 4 miles on the treadmill. Hopefully, I get back into the countdown spirit.:D. The world keeps interrupting me:mad:. Catherine I am thinking about starting packing today as well:).
  15. crm549

    We're counting down!!!

    Well June flew by for me. So I am sure the RT will be here before we know it.
  16. crm549

    Who's In??

    I was #86 and that was at 1:04pm. Wow!!!
  17. crm549

    2014 Cathe Calendars Have Arrived!

    Just received my 2014 Calendar and I love all the flashbacks. I really like all the different types of content at the bottom of each month. And It is super cool that you included a New Year's Resolution rotation for January.:) Thanks
  18. crm549

    calendar 2014

    Will they be shipped in time for Christmas? Thank you Saundra