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  1. molasses

    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Starting a check in for those wanting to do a rock bottoms rotation. I am currently following the 2013 rotation but will need to make substitutions at times Today is day 2 for me, Pyramid UB with 300 walking lunges (20 lb weighted vest). I started out strong with the walking lunges but had to...
  2. molasses

    Rock Bottoms

    Hello, I'd like to start a Rock Bottoms Rotation but I don't know which one to do. Does anyone have a favorite?
  3. molasses

    STS Total Body

    Hello, I will be starting STS next week and was thinking of adding STS Total Body to the rotation. Do you think that would be overkill? Monday: upper body Tuesday: cardio Wednesday: lower body Thursday: upper body Friday: cardio Saturday: total body Sunday: day off
  4. molasses

    Work stress

    I work for a raging narcissist, it's a temporary position but he makes me crazy. How do you deal with those types? I stress eat sometimes to focus on other things, I can't tell you how soothing chocolate can be. Other times I won't be able to sleep since I'm trying to calm myself but I have to...
  5. molasses


    I have the majority of Cathe's collection but I am missing the 2013 release (Great Glutes, X10...) and RWH. Has anyone seen either of these go on sale? Also, is it possible to buy the 2013 release as a set (without pedal power)?
  6. molasses

    DVDs or Downloads

    Which format do you prefer? I need to buy the last couple of Cathe's releases and was about to buy the DVDs when I read about the Workout Blender. Worth it? Would appreciate your input.
  7. molasses

    Cathe Live - update a rotation

    I stopped doing Cathe a few years ago because I got bit my the barre bug but lately I've been lurking on the forums and enjoy the Cathe Live workout previews on Facebook so I tried KPC to see how I'd do and it was awesome. I'm back and very excited and motivated! I have most of her DVDs...
  8. molasses

    STS January Check In - Welcome All!

    Happy New Year Everyone!!! Here is the check in for those starting or currently doing STS. I have chosen to start a 6.5 month rotation and am adding an extra leg workout every week (I might need some encouragement to keep that up...:o). After a year of injuries and taking it easy I came...
  9. molasses

    STS in January

    Is anyone thinking of starting STS in January? I'm wondering if we could start a check-in if anyone is interested... I will be doing the 6.5 month rotation and am quite excited to do this again. :D
  10. molasses


    My mother has asked me to start coloring her hair since she is in a wheelchair and it is difficult for her to go to the salon. She has a lot of grey/white and we coloured her hair on the weekend using a box but the results weren't fantastic. Just wondering if anyone has tips for covering...
  11. molasses

    Leah Sarago

    Has anyone tried Leah Sarago's Ballet Body Periodization System? Thoughts? My doctor has told me not to do any more impact until my knees get better so I was looking to try BBPS instead of walking and yoga (yoga hurts my knees depending on the pose). :( I can do Cathe's Turbo Barre without...
  12. molasses

    STS with a little LIS mixed in

    I'm planning on starting STS in January and plan on doing the following since I've not really had a chance to do LIS but loved it the few times I did try (curse you bum knee :mad:). Day 1 - STS Legs Day 2 - STS Upper Day 3 - Cardio Day 4 - Circuit (Afterburn, Cardio Supersets...) Day 5 -...
  13. molasses


    What's the best underwear brand to avoid panty lines?
  14. molasses

    Amy Bento new workouts

    I went on Amy's site and saw that she's filming in Oct. NRG Fitness - Amy Bento:. about Does anyone have the scoop on these? I'm curious about Cardio Karate and Hip Hop Walk.
  15. molasses

    Protein Powder

    What's your favorite protein powder?
  16. molasses

    Ultimate Guide to Cathe's Workouts

    I would like to update the Ultimate Guide to Cathe's Workouts to include the new dvds since the hardcore series. I'm new to Cathe (2008) but found it very useful when buying my dvds and it is also encouraging...
  17. molasses

    Intensity Series - Boot Camp

    I finally tried Boot Camp yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised because it was so much fun. I can't believe I ignored the workout for so long and would only do Muscle Endurance from that dvd. Cathe says you can do anything for a minute and it's so true, I kept repeating that in my head...
  18. molasses


    I work out in the morning and then take my shower but notice that my face is still sweating long after the workout is done which makes getting ready (putting on my makeup) quite a challenge. I have A/C and I've started blowing a fan directly in my face but it's not really helping. Any...
  19. molasses


    What's the strongest deodorant out there to help with odour? :o I'm currently using Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof and was happy with it until summer arrived and now I find it quits in the afternoon. Please help.
  20. molasses

    cake frosting/icing

    Hello I'm baking lots and lots of cupcakes for my mother's 65th birthday party and need some icing recipes. Do you know on which website I can find a no-fail buttercream icing and a milk chocolate icing? I want everyone to love them. :D PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!