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    healthy caff source

    I don't like coffee and sodas are unhealthy.....can I just swallow coffee beans for a caff hit?
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    Power Max

    Just did Power Max from the April rotation. I'd forgotten how much fun this one is....great step workout and the music and outfit are fun!
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    Cardio Party step

    I love the IMAX feel of the step portion of Cardio Party. I would love, love another IMAX.
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    Run across America challenge

    I would love to do the run across America challenge again, but the workout manager won't let me. Is there a way to reset it?
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    Lite series rotation?

    Has anyone come up with a short rotation while we wait for the user guide?
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    New muscles?

    I just got finished watching you from your Cathe Live Thur. 4th. and I'm just wondering if those new muscles your sporting is from working on Lite. You are looking good!!!
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    Not fun a test for ab strength!

    Had the stomach virus this weekend.....abs not sore.
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    Looking for Fitness Freaks366 rotations

    Is there a way to search for a listing of Fitness Freaks rotation? I really love her stuff.
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    Count Down to LITE

    I'm starting with the oldest series I owe(CTX) and working my way to FIT Split, I am doing 1 month of each series until the new series comes out. Do you think I'll make it through before the new series is in my hot little hands?
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    What are you doing tomorrow on Cathe Live???

    I don't have it, but I'm lookin for hints about ICE2 in you live workouts. I feel like a stalker.
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    Low Impact User guide????

    Maybe I'm looking right at it, but where do I find the Low Impact user guide?
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    My pity party.

    It is 70 degrees and beautiful outside and I'm as sick as a dog, can't workout, can't ride a horse, and I feel ugggh. Boo Hoo for me.
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    I rediscovered STS Plyo Legs!!!

    I been doing Nia Shanks workouts at the gym 3 days a week. My schedule changed and I had to go to two days a week.....I needed more so I pulled out STS Plyo legs for the third day. Wow what a burn!!!
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    Really loving Fit Split

    I love Fit Split and much as I love 4Day Split. I like doing cardio and wts on the same day or if I'm short on time just doing one or the other. The abs make a great warmup for my heavy lifting days at the gym(8 min. drive). And like X Train it has short segments I can do at night if I feel...
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    Diet and inflammation

    Over a year ago you posted you were going to share you battle with inflammation and share how you dealt with it with diet changes. Did I miss the post? Thank you for your time.
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    UPS clàims to delivered my DVDS but I didn't receive them. What do I do now?

    My tracking number is 1Z20242E035919701
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    Ramped upper Body

    my new favorite upper body workout! Pyramid upper body hàs been my favorite workout for years and I still love it but I am really loving this workout.
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    Melt Method?

    Anybody tried the melt method for pain management? I just got it Wed. and I'm having some good results so far....but maybe it's all in my head. I've been dealing with pain so long that maybe it's just wishful thinking.
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    Pedal Power Music rocks!

    I just got Pedal Power this mix of music...has old and new...rock and pop...I hope the new series is like this.
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    orange theory?

    Has anybody tried the Orange Theory workout? What's it like?