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  1. gypsymom

    Step Boss on Live

    I think we need sneak peaks of the Step Boss videos over the next few months on Cathe Live.
  2. gypsymom

    Percent increase by end of program?

    I know it's around here somewhere but what is supposed to be the strength percent increase from the start of program to end?
  3. gypsymom

    How about an IMAX 4?

    Awesome! I really miss the IMAX format of steady step into hiit (for a minute) into rest into steady . .
  4. gypsymom

    Ripped with HIIT series 2

    I would love it too!
  5. gypsymom

    Transformation Challenge - 2019

    No problem, glad you are interested in it. It's so motivating!
  6. gypsymom

    Transformation Challenge - 2019

    If anyone is interested, Kaged Muscle is starting a Transformation Challenge in January. They have awesome trainers on their site to choose from I always incorporate Cathe for my cardio. ;) If anyone has questions or wants more information...
  7. gypsymom

    Please stop screaming during Live workouts.

    I actually chuckled because if I do a Live class, it wakes up my husband who is down a hall and separated by 2 more rooms. His door is closed but the workout room's door has to be open so internet doesn't cut out (even with a router). I don't do them anymore because of the loud "whoo-hoos" that...
  8. gypsymom

    New Trainer/Challenge starting 9/24

    If anyone is interested, is starting a new trainer/challenge on the 24th called Project Inferno. I like to use these to keep learning and for the motivation and online support they give. I use Cathe for the cardio and use the program’s strength workouts, nutrition, and...
  9. gypsymom

    Who is 2nd to Cathe with HIIT Workouts?

    Oo, no! Thank you! Haven't heard of those, will look into them.
  10. gypsymom

    Who is 2nd to Cathe with HIIT Workouts?

    Hi, I am wondering who is as intense as Cathe with HIIT. The only other one I've done is Reebok Intense Step. I see other workouts, but sometimes they look like they are more circuit-type than hiit. I just want the intervals with minimal weight use and high intensity. I don't mind light weight...
  11. gypsymom

    Lose Cathe LIVE every 20 minutes

    Hi, Cathe LIVE (Live only) goes offline every 20 minutes. It stops responding so badly that I have to log off the computer, then log back on, then log back onto the site, then find the workout, where I was in the workout . . . . When I use On Demand or premixes in the Workout Blender this does...
  12. gypsymom

    What is the best way to do more rounds of the STS program?

    Obviously not Cathe - but what I did was 1st week from meso 1, 1st week from meso 3, 1st week from week from meso 2, 2nd week from meso 3, 2nd week from meso 1, 3rd week from meso 3, 2nd week from meso 2, 4th week from meso 3, 3rd week from meso 1, 1st week from meso 3 etc. Pretty much, just...
  13. gypsymom

    Fav live Class

    Just because so much has been covered, I just wanted to add - SO MANY OF THE CORE WORKOUTS! Holy moly, I struggle not to plop down during many of them!
  14. gypsymom


    I agree, too. Advanced is Cathe's forte for me and why I've been with her 20 years. I'll try to work with the intermediate levels as best I can, though. But, I want to be PUSHED!! :)
  15. gypsymom

    Weekly Post-it Challenge

    Let me know if you would be interested in participating in this - Every Monday I pull 3 post-its with things written on them that I "should do" but generally put off. It could be a 30 minute jog outdoors, meditating for 20 minutes, an epsom salt bath, a Cathe I've never tried (MIC in its...
  16. gypsymom

    Workout Blender page is "Not Secure" anymore

    I believe the cueing is faster than the video, now. I couldn't watch my workout blender with PS Legs in it this morning it was so out of synch. It had to be all audio. I was glad I knew PS Legs well enough to not have to see what was going on.
  17. gypsymom

    One Side then the Other Side Workout

    I thought I had seen this somewhere on the internet (not, but I can’t find it – but this is a suggestion for a right side then left side workout. Not working the total side. Exercises that work one side then the other with no or minimal rest. It would really give you a chance to focus...
  18. gypsymom

    Fit Tower Workouts - Good? Bad?

    Thanks for the input, ladies. I'll start with the Bootcamp and see how it goes from there. I appreciate the info!
  19. gypsymom

    Fit Tower Workouts - Good? Bad?

    I'm a little "ify" on trying the Fit Tower workouts, partly because I don't have a fit tower. I have chairs, walls, and I figure I can wing it with some other items in my workout room. Do people like these workouts? Is there a favorite? Thanks for any input, either way.