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    Calculating MET

    I wanted to look into calculating MET's. I see they are already done for the dvd's, but not for the live. Is there anywhere where the MET are tracked for the LIVE workouts as well? Thank you. Kristie
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    Cardio on Strength Days

    I've never actually followed a cathe rotation I usually just use my best judgement on what I've done this week and try to vary my workouts. But the one thing I noticed with the rotations is that on strength days, there is no cardio included. Does cathe recommend doing cardio on strength days...
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    Live Gloved Up

    Can anyone get this to play? On Sunday, it played half way and then started playing really slow. I just tried it again and now it won't play at all. I've never had this happen before.
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    Fit Tower Question

    I purchased the Fit Tower but do not have the weight bar clips. I see that they finally have them back in stock. What is the difference between the free weight bar clips for $30 and the weight bar clips for $20. This is probably a stupid question but they don't look different to me. I want...
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    Having Problems Today

    I was just wondering if anyone else was having problems today accessing the live videos. I do not have a problem getting the DVD's just the live ones. I was trying to do summer 2016 and it won't load. It just goes to a black screen after I hit the play button. I have not had a problem up...