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    low pulse rate question

    So I had my annual physical examination and heart rate was at 124/77, but had a low pulse rate of 44. MY primary care thought that was rather low and gave me a referral to see a cardiologyest. Lets keep in my that I work out 6 days a week and have been for the past 20+years. I'm experiencing...
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    Cathe stress relief/flexibility

    Good morning, Witch of Cathe's Stress relief and Flexibility DVD'S would you recommend. Thank you!
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    Help creating a 4 week rotation using only 4 day split

    Hello! Can someone help me create a 4 week rotation using the 4 day split workout premixes without the step workouts included? Thank you!
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    4 day split rotation

    I'm in my fourth week of the 4 day split rotation and loving it! Just now starting to get the hang of the step workouts in the 4 day split rotation and thinking about doing another 4 weeks of this rotation but not sure if I would get any benefits from it. Any advice would be greatly...
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    Spinning bike recommendations

    Anyone now of a good affordable spinning bike recommendation under $500?
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    4 day split rotation

    Hi Cathe! I started the 4 day split rotation today, and I must tell you I almost fell flat on my face doing the step segment. Am I able to substitute the step workouts from one of your other series that are not as complex and still get results? Hope to here back from you. Thank you!
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    Profesional hair stylist/colorist

    My stylist left a color glaze treatment in my hair for over 2 hours....would the outcome be darker color? Please advice. Thank you!
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    4 day split rotation

    Hello, Thinking about doing Cathe's 4 day split rotation. If you've done the rotation let me know if you loved the rotation and what kind of results did you get? Thank you!