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  1. gypsymom

    Step Boss on Live

    I think we need sneak peaks of the Step Boss videos over the next few months on Cathe Live.
  2. gypsymom

    Percent increase by end of program?

    I know it's around here somewhere but what is supposed to be the strength percent increase from the start of program to end?
  3. gypsymom

    Transformation Challenge - 2019

    If anyone is interested, Kaged Muscle is starting a Transformation Challenge in January. They have awesome trainers on their site to choose from I always incorporate Cathe for my cardio. ;) If anyone has questions or wants more information...
  4. gypsymom

    New Trainer/Challenge starting 9/24

    If anyone is interested, is starting a new trainer/challenge on the 24th called Project Inferno. I like to use these to keep learning and for the motivation and online support they give. I use Cathe for the cardio and use the program’s strength workouts, nutrition, and...
  5. gypsymom

    Who is 2nd to Cathe with HIIT Workouts?

    Hi, I am wondering who is as intense as Cathe with HIIT. The only other one I've done is Reebok Intense Step. I see other workouts, but sometimes they look like they are more circuit-type than hiit. I just want the intervals with minimal weight use and high intensity. I don't mind light weight...
  6. gypsymom

    Lose Cathe LIVE every 20 minutes

    Hi, Cathe LIVE (Live only) goes offline every 20 minutes. It stops responding so badly that I have to log off the computer, then log back on, then log back onto the site, then find the workout, where I was in the workout . . . . When I use On Demand or premixes in the Workout Blender this does...
  7. gypsymom

    Weekly Post-it Challenge

    Let me know if you would be interested in participating in this - Every Monday I pull 3 post-its with things written on them that I "should do" but generally put off. It could be a 30 minute jog outdoors, meditating for 20 minutes, an epsom salt bath, a Cathe I've never tried (MIC in its...
  8. gypsymom

    One Side then the Other Side Workout

    I thought I had seen this somewhere on the internet (not, but I can’t find it – but this is a suggestion for a right side then left side workout. Not working the total side. Exercises that work one side then the other with no or minimal rest. It would really give you a chance to focus...
  9. gypsymom

    Fit Tower Workouts - Good? Bad?

    I'm a little "ify" on trying the Fit Tower workouts, partly because I don't have a fit tower. I have chairs, walls, and I figure I can wing it with some other items in my workout room. Do people like these workouts? Is there a favorite? Thanks for any input, either way.
  10. gypsymom

    On Demand – If Cathe Didn’t Exist

    If there was no Cathe, what online streaming video subscription would you use (and why if you feel like it). I have all equipment, including an indoor bike. Thanks!! Jeanne
  11. gypsymom

    Aging and Intense Training

    I have been a Cathlete for almost 20 years. Now that I am 47, I am finding that workouts seem to wear me down, get me really hungry, and I am sick of being sore and tired. I have decent strength and muscle and my body fat is about 15%. It’s tough for me to not go all out for every workout...
  12. gypsymom

    Streaming Indoor Cycling Classes?

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with streaming indoor cycling classes - good or bad. Peleton is a bit expensive for me at $40/month. I have Cathe On Demand and would like to incorporate additional instructors. Thanks!!
  13. gypsymom

    Cardio Slim Down Rotation

    Hi, If anyone is interested here is a 4-week rotation. It’s a 7-day workout week. But, you can use one of the steady states as a rest or yoga day (or leave jumps out [what I do] or use a lower step or both). It’s inspired by the Strong & Sweaty/Ripped rotation, but with an extra steady state...
  14. gypsymom

    Chaptered High Weight/Low Rep Workouts?

    Besides STS, which Cathe workouts have the lowest reps, highest weights that are CHAPTERED PER EXERCISE (Slow & Heavy isn’t :(). I’m trying to use the workout Workout Blender with low reps/high weight workouts. I am so overwhelmed trying to figure it out on my own (help!).Thanks!!
  15. gypsymom

    STS Workouts w/Highest Weight, Lowest Reps?

    I want to use the Workout Blender using STS workouts with highest weights and lowest reps. Which phase(s) would I use? Thanks! Jeanne
  16. gypsymom

    For Cathe Live - Body Weight + HIIT Workout

    What about a Body Weight + HIIT workout, kind of like Travel Fit II (thinking along the lines of being able to do moves in a hotel room), but with body weight? You might not be able to hit biceps very well, but maybe you could suggest that biceps can be saved for another day(?) Here is how I...
  17. gypsymom

    Upper Body Cardio Circuit That Doesn't Work Lower Body Much?

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have a suggestion for a Cathe cardio circuit workout that works the upper body, but doesn't work the legs too much? A premix is okay, too. I did legs yesterday and don't want to overtrain. Thanks!
  18. gypsymom

    Is Anyone Else Doing the 200k Transformation Challenge on is in the midst of a $200,000 transformation challenge that started 1/11/15. I signed up for it and am loving it. Any other Cathletes? Also, if anyone has any killer workout combo ideas, let me know. I have all of a Cathe's workouts and many other "steady state" type of cardio...
  19. gypsymom

    Goals Besides "Getting Really Skinny"?

    I am so struggling with setting myself a challenging and interesting goal, besides fitting into my skinny jeans. It's always there, but then there are times when I say,"So what? Who cares if I can fit into my skinny jeans or not?" I used to compete in taekwondo, which kept me really fit, but I...
  20. gypsymom

    VIIT - Variable Intensity Interval Training

    Just read about this in Oxygen Magazine - Work-to-rest ratio and intervals vary in time/intensity to keep your body guessing. Aerobic and anaerobic systems are taxed, you work both fast and slow twitch muscles and you're less prone to injury (according to the magazine). You'll burn an additional...