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  1. rmrmr

    Damage Control December

    I can't believe it's already December and Christmas is right around the corner. I didn't work out Sunday or Monday. Sunday was busy running errands and then I didn't sleep well Sunday night and no energy to exercise. Today I did tough 75 min BR w/o at lunch. I'm going to have pass on...
  2. rmrmr

    Damage Control November

    Time to start the new month. I'm looking forward to the time change tonight (fall back). My 10K is tomorrow, I'm just going to do the best I can. I went to my WW meeting this morning and was down .6. Then my former coworker and I went out to breakfast to catch up. It was really nice getting...
  3. rmrmr

    Damage Control September

    A new month is upon us. I went out to dinner last night to celebrate my birthday. I enjoyed salmon, salad, and a baked sweet potato! I also did get some exercise in, a BR leg workout. Today I went on a 3 mile run/walk. There was a lot more running than walking! I'm going to stick with the...
  4. rmrmr

    Fit Split Mixed Cardio-missing bonus abs

    This morning I did Fit Split mixed cardio. The packaging indicates this disc has the bonus abs, I didn't see it anywhere. I looked through all the premixes. On other discs, there is a bonus abs title track. Is this a known issue?
  5. rmrmr

    Damage Control April!!!

    Well I definitely need some damage control after today. Looking forward to starting whole 30 tomorrow. I'm going to stick to heathy proteins and veggies for the month. We spent the afternoon with the family at my MIL's. DS1 and I went for a walk went we got home. He's been working out every...
  6. rmrmr

    Damage Control February!!!

    Looks like we are both pretty busy. It's already the 5th day of the new month. Wow, the time sure is going fast. My back is still sore so I did CCC this morning. Cardio really helps loosen it up. I iced it a couple time today too. If my back is up for it, I may try weights tomorrow. I...
  7. rmrmr

    Damage Control October!!!

    Starting the new thread. No workout to report for today. I'm going to try to head out and walk a bit. I did manage to get all the laundry done last night! bbl
  8. rmrmr

    Damage Control June!!

    Happy June Wow, 3K for kitchen windows sounds like a lot. We replaced all our windows about 5 years ago for 10K. Sounds like your DH is making good on the "Honey Do" list. :) Yay for sleeping in. I'm under the weather with a pretty bad cold/sinus infection. I didn't workout yesterday...
  9. rmrmr

    Damage Control May!

    Happy May Day! We use to get May baskets when I was growing up. I tried doing it a time or 2 for my sons, but they weren't really into it. Hope you enjoyed your DS's birthday dinner! How was your day today? Today I did a BR w/o in the morning an LIHI legs at lunch. Seriously, LIHI legs...
  10. rmrmr

    Damage Control October!

    Hi Ladies, Hope I don't end up just talking to myself. It's been really quiet lately. I've been keeping up with BR real time challenge. I think I'll finish the 30 days before I head to San Diego on Saturday. Today I did BR Day 25 and hopefully will get to STS disc 9 tonight. I've been...
  11. rmrmr

    Damage Control September!!!

    Hi Ladies, Thought I'd start the new thread. I think most of us are on vacation this week. I took a couple days off myself. We are empty-nesters-for the weekend anyway. I just dropped DS1 at the airport and the other 2 kids are at a convention downtown. We have dinner plans with MIL...
  12. rmrmr

    Damage Control-August Goals

  13. rmrmr

    Damage Control-June Whole30 Style

    Hi Ladies, Thought I'd get our new thread going. I've been cooking like a mad woman the last couple days. Much I my food is prepared and all I need to do is mix and match my proteins, veggies and fats!! I don't anticipate having any problems with Whole30 at all. I found this website and...
  14. rmrmr

    Damage Control-May!!!

    Hi Ladies, Happy May Day This was my first workout after 3 rest days. I did Plyo Legs and C&B. If all goes as planned, I'll finish STS on Tuesday! It's been snowing for the past 3 days, I'm so over it. UGH I got my results right away, all good, come back in 10 years. I tried selling my...
  15. rmrmr

    Damage Control April!!!

    Hi Ladies, Wow, its April already. Yesterday I did CLB as my extra leg day. Today should be BR Day 5 and STS Disc 16-CST. I need to get of the computer and downstairs soon if I want to get those in today. I took DS2 to buy his new car last night. Oh my goodness...he bought a subaru wrx...
  16. rmrmr

    Damage Control March!!!

    Hi Ladies, Wow, is it March already? So I've decided to start another round of STS with an extra leg/glute day thrown in. I should probably add more biceps since that is my weakest link. My weak biceps don't bother me near as much as I legs/glutes do though. This morning I did BM2 Cardio...
  17. rmrmr

    Damage Control January!!!

    Happy New Year Ladies!!! Does anyone have a New Years resolution they'd like to share? Last year my goal was to participate in at least one race per month. I completed 9 months of races. I was sick for the October race and tore my quad in November so also missed November and December. I'm...
  18. rmrmr

    Damage Control November-Kick it into High Gear!

    Hi Ladies, Time to kick it up a notch before the Holidays kick in. This morning was Imax 3, and later today will be STS Disc 16-CST. My knees were feeling better, but are now hurting UGH. What's a girl to do??? Are you asking what we can do to kick it up a notch. My personal goal is track...
  19. rmrmr

    Damage Control-October

    Hi Ladies, I'm feeling pretty awful, both physically and emotionally. The cold has taken a turn for the worse, sore throat, ears hurting, congestion, etc. My current company did offer me more money to stay, but the direct time billing setup is not for me. My last day is on Friday and I start...
  20. rmrmr

    Damage Control-September!!

    Hi Ladies, Yesterday was STS discs, well can't remember the numbers, but they were Chest & Back and Plyo legs. This morning was BR Day 8. bbl to see what ya'all are up to!