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  1. cher54

    Favorite Calorie Crush

    I'm curious as to which Calorie Crush of the Lite series is your favorite? I love the metabolic one so far, I think. I'd love feedback from you all!
  2. cher54

    Metabolic Blast = 2 thumbs up!

    Cathe Friedrich, you have outdone yourself with this new series! I love, love, loved metabolic blast and the calorie crush was excellent! I love all the new moves and the music! So fun and so awesome! Thank you, Cathe, you've done it again!!
  3. cher54

    Attn: Gratefuldog

    Hi Gratefuldog, You posted in a thread I started a couple months ago regarding sciatica. I tried to message you but it said I could not start a conversation with you. I am really curious about your experience as I had an MRI and the same discs are affected in my spine as yours. Is there any...
  4. cher54

    Sciatica anyone

    For the last three or four months, I've been having a pain in my left leg, starting in my left glute and radiating down my leg. The intensity of pain has gone from a little troublesome to all encompassing. From all indications, I believe it to be sciatica. I have had a spinal xray which...
  5. cher54

    Sciatica anyone

    Well as of three or four months or so, I have developed what seems to be a pretty severe case of sciatica. I am now in pain most of the time and not sure how to proceed work out wise. I've been to pt and had an xray of my spine but nothing significant cam of either one. I'm going in for a...
  6. cher54

    Video clips?

    Inquiring minds want to know when we'll be getting some video clips of the new workouts? Excited!!
  7. cher54

    Cute Cathe anecdote

    I recently went on vacation with my four children and their families to Yosemite. We stayed in a gorgeous four bedroom house with all of the amenities you could ever imagine, including hool-a-hoops as part of the recreational fun. We all decided to try our hands (or hips-:) at hoola hooping...
  8. cher54

    Is it just me?

    Or have Cathe's live classes been tougher as of late? I've been doubling up on my workouts so not sure if I'm just fatigued or if Cathe's recent classes might have a hint of the new Strong and Sweaty Series in them. Either way I'm loving them but just curious. I'm speaking specifically of...
  9. cher54

    Preorder is up on FB!

    Strong and Sweaty preorder is on Cathe's fb page! Preorder complete!:D
  10. cher54

    Upper Body class

    I would love another upper body class similar to upper body sculpt. Pretty, pretty please!!!:p:D
  11. cher54

    Another series like RWH

    After trying the ICE dvd's several times, I have to say I'm not loving this series. Straightforward lifting and hiit seems to fit the bill for me. Would love another series along these lines❤️
  12. cher54

    Chiseled upper body

    What a little gem of a workout! Plenty easy to heavy up and get a fast, fun upper body burner!
  13. cher54

    ICE MTB intermediate???!!!!

    I pulled out Ice Metabolic TB yesterday and boy, what a workout! I think I was a bit fatigued beforehand so not sure if that played a role, but I got an excellent workout! I upped the weights on most of the exercises, but I think with even the weights Cathe is using, this is almost an advanced...
  14. cher54

    Grateful for y'all!!

    Just perusing the forums this afternoon after a busy day and want to tell all my fellow Cathlete's how grateful I am for all of you. Your input is funny, knowledgable, touching, entertaining and just plain ole' fun!!!!:D
  15. cher54

    More challenging

    Although I like Ice, I would love you to go back to your usual more advanced series. I think RWH is my favorite and would love something more a long these lines:)
  16. cher54

    Workout blender stops playing near end of every workout

    Has anyone else had this problem? WB works fine til the last few chapters, then just stops and will not play anymore. Any help from Forum Administrator or fellow Cathletes would be much appreciated!
  17. cher54

    I'm in workout blender heaven!!!!

    I have been subscribing to Cathe live for over a year but took the plunge and got on demand. OMG, the workout blender is amazing! Honestly, I feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices available. I'd love to hear anyone's experience with the wb.:)
  18. cher54

    Which Blizzard Blast is the hardest?

    Always looking to up the ante so does anybody know which blizzard blast is the most intense? TIA:D
  19. cher54

    Google Chromecast

    I've been using my computer connected to my tv via an hdmi cable but still lots of buffering issues. I'm curious as to how useful google chromecast is as a streaming device?
  20. cher54

    Merry Christmas to Nancy in customer service!!!!

    I wanted to take a minute to wish everybody in Customer Service a Merry Christmas and to say a big thank-you! Most particularly, I'd like to say Happy Holidays to Nancy! Throughout the years, your customer service has been excellent, professional, and beyond friendly! Big holiday...