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  1. MelanieC

    Yes! I Finally Order Step Boss!!!

    I totally agree - #1 is so much fun.
  2. MelanieC

    Yes! I Finally Order Step Boss!!!

    I love step too! I always reach for a step dvd whenever I don't feel like working out. I did order LITE, and yes there's the little step routine that is IMAXish, but not the same challenge level at all. I think the last "just" step dvds that Cathe released was Party Rockin' Step 1 & 2. Those...
  3. MelanieC

    Step Workouts

    When I first started learning step, I found that it helped me to step to the count of 8 - and I counted out loud. I've been doing step for 15 years and still find myself counting out loud sometimes.
  4. MelanieC

    What did you all order?

    This is my first time buying only downloads for a couple of reasons - I'm on a budget and I need to save space. I can connect my iPad to my tv easily so I don't anticipate any problems. It feels weird not ordering the DVDs but I hope it works because it could save me some money on future orders.
  5. MelanieC

    Anyone order just downloads?

    Neat! If you don't mind me asking, how do you make your own pre-mixes?
  6. MelanieC

    Favorite Cathe Step Workouts?

    I love Cathe's step workouts! There's only a couple I really don't sync with, but my favourites are: Party Rockin' Step #1 Rhythmic Step Higher Intensity & Lower Intensity step from the 4-day split series Step Blast
  7. MelanieC

    Pre-Order Cathe's New STEP BOSS Exercise DVDs Starting Thursday, May 9th

    15 years ago when I was learning step using one of Cathe's basic step workouts, I remember that following Cedie really helped me learn the program. Plus her smile was a big boost.
  8. MelanieC

    Pre-Order Cathe's New STEP BOSS Exercise DVDs Starting Thursday, May 9th

    Hi Cokonkel - do you ever miss having DVDs? Is there anything missing on the downloads like pre-mixes?
  9. MelanieC

    Anyone order just downloads?

    Hi everyone - so I'm really excited about the new Step Boss series. I've always ordered the DVDs but this time I'm considering only ordering the downloads. Has anyone out there just ordered downloads? Do you think there's an advantage to having the DVDs as well?
  10. MelanieC

    Weird question - ICE Rock'm Sock'm

    OH YEAH!!! Totally makes sense. Thank-you :cool:
  11. MelanieC

    Weird question - ICE Rock'm Sock'm

    OK so every time I do this workout, I wonder what Cathe is saying during a particular exercise and I still can't make it out. Its during the Blizzard Blast - the cardio blizzard burn when you are kicking your legs forward with your feet pointed up. Is Cathe saying "shins of madness"??? I...
  12. MelanieC

    Total Body Trisets

    Yeah I hear ya. The last time I did the workout I chose the no music option and played my own soundtrack. It worked well.
  13. MelanieC

    Total Body Trisets

    I haven't done that one in a while - and normally when I do it I break it down into upper & lower body, so kudos to you for doing the whole thing!!
  14. MelanieC

    Burn the Holiday Fat Rotation

    Just started this rotation today. On the stretch/yoga days I'm incorporating the new LITE workouts. I'm really looking forward to the mix of old & new workouts. Thanks for putting it together!!
  15. MelanieC

    Body Max 2 revisted - Woah!

    Today I really needed some motivation - I'm stuck inside because of the snowstorm of the century here in Montreal. So I pulled out Body Max 2 and just did the step combos and the power circuits. I can't remember the last time I've done this workout, so I just stuck to a step with 1 riser on...
  16. MelanieC

    Revisited Cycle Sweat this morning, it's my new favorite!

    We moved into a smaller condo and I had to get rid of my spin bike - I miss Cathe's spin workouts so much!!!
  17. MelanieC

    Favorite Calorie Crush

    I've done the Metabolic Calorie Crush twice now, but still can't get through the whole thing. That's ok though - I like a good challenge! So far my favourite is the step Calorie Crush, but that's because I'm a step girl at heart. ;)
  18. MelanieC

    Feeling like a weakling- able to lift half of Cathe's weights

    Don't be discouraged - I had a year off of working out and only started back in earnest in January 2018. At that time I used Cathe's other intermediate series - ICE, and it was a real struggle to get back into it! I could only manage 1/4 or 1/2 a workout. Now I've made so much progress...
  19. MelanieC

    Cathe Friedrich's LITE PHA 2 Workout

    I loved PHA #1 on the Strong & Sweaty series. I love PHA #2 as well. I actually used heavier weights than shown on the DVD because I knew I needed more of a challenge. I followed this workout with Strong & Sweaty BootCamp (sets 1-4). PHA #2 is only 40 minutes, so I felt I could use a bit...