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  1. ebonynicole

    Agility Series

    I also thought about an agility series similar to Drill Max. I just saw a commercial with Serena Williams in it and she was doing some kind of agility drills for it and I though it would be cool to have something like that as well.
  2. ebonynicole

    Kickbox Series

    Just putting a vote in for some kind of kickbox series as I love kickbox/boxing workouts. I know Cathe has mentioned how much she loves them too so that type of series would be done right coming from Cathe.
  3. ebonynicole

    New Step Workouts

    Good Evening Cathe and All, I know you all are wrapping up the Lite series and still have alot to do. I know this may be premature to ask but just wanted to see if there was a timeframe to pre-order the new step workouts that Cathe had mentioned back when she began talking about the Lite...
  4. ebonynicole

    Fav live Class

    Good Afternoon Cathletes, So this question may have been asked before but since we just celebrated 200 awesome Cathe live classes just wanted to see what some of your favorites are. For me pretty much all of the KB or boxing classes have been awesome. I also like alot of the total body...
  5. ebonynicole

    Live videos

    Good Afternoon, Lately I've been having an issue with the live classes not playing. If I access the videos under the MY account tab some of them will not play. Sometimes it doesn't matter if it is the high or low quality version. Sometimes when I access the videos through the Cathe live tab...
  6. ebonynicole

    Videos not playing

    Just wondering if anyone else is having issues playing the live videos? I have tried today on 2 different devices and they will not play. Thanks
  7. ebonynicole


    I've been watching the Olympic trials for the last few weeks and I am ready for them to start. I really like watching gymnastics, track and field and swimming. I can't really think of a favorite athlete right now but I'm rooting for everyone to do well. Does anyone else watch the Olympics...
  8. ebonynicole

    Connecting my tablet to my TV

    Good Evening, I am trying to connect my LG Gpad tablet to my TV that has HDMI ports. I bought a Micro USB to HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable. I connected everything but the TV is not picking up the tablet when I search through the Input options. I have the adapter plugged into the power port of...
  9. ebonynicole

    Class Suggestion

    Not sure if anyone has asked this before or not but since the classes are on Thursdays every once in a while have an Throwback Thursday class such as Cardio and Weights or Cross Train Express etc. I know that sometimes Catheletes will talk about workouts they haven't done in a while but still...
  10. ebonynicole

    Song Request

    Good Evening Cathe/SNM, I see alot of posts on the forums about songs people are trying to find from the workouts. I remember that on SJP/Step Blast that you all had listed all the songs on that video (at least it was listed on the shop Cathe site) and was wondering if you could continue...
  11. ebonynicole

    100 Rep Challenge Question

    Hey Cathe, Just had a question about these. For the new workouts can these be done for other body part like chest and legs? I think right now you have the bi, tri, scarecrows and hip thrust (unless I missed something somewhere) Not even sure if it is a good idea to do this for chest...
  12. ebonynicole

    Kickbox/Boxing series

    After doing Hard Strikes I was thinking that it would be cool to have a series like this. Someone else in this forum mentioned a step kickbox workout so that would to it nicely. I was thinking about perhaps a full Heavy bag workout, then a cardio kickbox/boxing, then a pure kickbox/boxing...
  13. ebonynicole

    Shop Cathe site

    Just curious if anyone else is having trouble accessing the shop cathe site or deal of the day? I can access everything else on but when I try to access shop cathe my computer tells me that Internet Explorer has stopped working and I have to close the program. I don't think this...
  14. ebonynicole

    Live Feed

    Hello Cathy ans SNM, I posted this in the NJ RT forum and just thought I would post it here too. ********************************************************* Original post: Hi Cathe and SNM, Just wondering if you all will do the live feed for this RT like you had last year? I thought...
  15. ebonynicole

    Live Feed

    Hi Cathe and SNM, Just wondering if you all will do the live feed for this RT like you had last year? I thought this was pretty awesome, being able to see what it's like even if from a distance. Thanks :)
  16. ebonynicole

    Latest you should you workout

    Hello Folks, Want your opinion, what is the lastest time your should workout each day in order for the workout to be effective? I already wake up at 5:00am to get ready for work at 6:30am and some days I am working late and have school (which will be completely done by end of March). For...
  17. ebonynicole


    I would like to put my vote in for a destination of Phoenix, Arizona. I know this is a pipe dream and that there are alot of more exciting places with beaches but would like to put my vote it. Thanks :D
  18. ebonynicole

    Quick question for anyone

    Afternoon All, Just a quick question about the new cathe step that comes with a free copy of Low Max. I just want to be sure that my 5'7 frame will lay comfortably on the step when do any excersies requiring you to lay down. From my head to my rear, the step should be long enought right...
  19. ebonynicole


    Hello there Cathe, A thought just occurred to me, what about putting bios on the website of your workout crew? I know Cedie, Jai, Brenda and Lorraine have been with you for quite some time and this would be a way of getting to know them better. Also do they have any thoughts about joining...
  20. ebonynicole

    Premix Download

    Evening Cathe Crew, Not sure if you could tell me this yet or not, but wanted to know if we would have to pay extra for the premix downloads when they become available? I ordered 2 downloads last year thinking that everything on the dvd was going to come with the download. Right now...