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  1. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control 2019

    Happy New Year! I had a great workout yesterday-PT exercises and then did 4DS Low Impact Circuit premix-70 minutes! Probably just walking today due to New Year's Day events (i.e. PSU plays in a bowl game-and we're going to a pizza party to cheer them on). What are you all up to? Can't wait...
  2. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control October

    How was your weekend? Did you get everything moved back into place? Did you meal prep for the SGS fall challenge? The Broncos are on tonight-I'm wearing my shirt to root for your team! The wedding on Saturday was lovely. It was outside in a lovely, secluded area and decorated for fall with...
  3. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control August 2018

    Hello! How is your week going? Mine has been a blur. DS2 rolled in at 4AM on Wed. morning. We've been unpacking the van and trying to get his stuff organized. Dan had his eye surgery Wed. morning and follow up yesterday morning. Then, best news ever: Aaron got offered a job!!!!!! It's...
  4. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control July

    Hi! Friday with my mom went really well. It was nice getting away and not having any distractions. I walked before we went. Saturday I went to the pool in between soccer matches. It's getting really hot here as well. Sounds like you're having a great time with the grandkids! I'm off now...
  5. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control June

    Hi, No workout Saturday. DS2 broke up with his girlfriend and was in need of support. We were drained by the time we got home. Today I hope to either go to the pool or do the upper body workout premix on Athletic Training. We're playing cards tonight. What is on your agenda? Beth
  6. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control May 2018

    Happy May! It's sunny and warm here, finally! Going for a bike ride later today. I finished out the month of April yesterday with the bonus total body premix on the Pyramid DVD-feeling it today, for sure. The interview went really well and they offered me a part time job if all my background...
  7. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control March 2018

    Hi! Wow, pilates sounds so expensive. Too bad since I hear it's really good for the core. I made it outside for a walk on Tuesday and Dan took a bike ride Wed. Today it's rainy, but warm. We leave in 2 hours to go get the Grand dog; so my workout today will probably be taking her for a walk...
  8. Beth-B-Fit

    January 2018 Damage Control

    Hello and Happy New Year! After last night I gained 2 pounds-grr. Why is it so easy to gain and so hard to lose? Diana, I liked that calendar you bought. I'm with you in getting rid of this belly from menopause. The only time last year it was more or less flat was when I did whole30 and was...
  9. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control December!!!

    Hi! Glad to see you're getting outside and still getting at least one workout in a day. Your work sounds really stressful now. I have a sore throat and swollen glands, but no other symptoms. It started Wednesday night. I slept in Thursday and didn't work out. Now it's Friday and I don't...
  10. Beth-B-Fit

    What does the Connect Button mean/do?

    Hello, In the workout manager I noticed a connect button. Is it new? What does it do? Thanks, Beth
  11. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control November!!!

    Hey girl, Gotta get this thread going! What have you been up to? How is your back feeling? I finally got to try PHA yesterday-wow! I'm sore today. I thought about doing some lower impact cardio today, but may just stretch. I even broke out the foam roller after PHA, but am still sore...
  12. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control September!!!

    Hi Ladies, Just realized it's the 5th and a new month already! Diana, how was your trip to CA? LL, how is the weather at the beach? Do you have lots of biking planned? Did you take any DVDs and equipment with you this year? I biked yesterday for an hour. Today will be heavier leg weights...
  13. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control August!!

    Good morning. I can't believe it's August already-summer is flying by. I must have stressed my hip/back on the bike ride Monday because I have had intense pain all day Tuesday and woke up with it again today. I should have just gone to the pool. I am definitely going there this morning to...
  14. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control July!!!

    Happy July, ladies, It sounds like we're all dealing with some health issues. Hope you both get to feeling better soon. My dizziness only occurred that one day. LL, so happy for B! Those moments are priceless. You got some great workouts in before you got sick anyway. Diana, I really...
  15. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control!!!

    Greetings from snow covered PA! Hi! Getting our thread going. Are you following any plan or just trying to eat healthy? I have found that my weight does not change much no matter what I do or eat. If I'm super strict I can lose a few pounds-but it's no fun! So my eating plan is 80/20-80%...
  16. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control November!!!

    Hi all, I started out this month with the detox challenge day 2 and X10 double low impact premix. I made an appt. for 11/10 with the sports medicine doctors and hope to get some answers about my hip/leg. What's everyone else doing? Diana, have you finished the challenge? How is your knee...
  17. Beth-B-Fit

    Song Title from AOLIHI

    Cathe or anyone here can you tell me the name of the song with the lyrics: "so I got the power, so I got the power...." in the dvd AOLIHI. The song is played during the floor cardio portion-towards the end of that section. Thanks! Beth
  18. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control August!!!

    Hi all, Went on a bike ride today and got caught in a soaking rainstorm. It felt good to be outside and my hip flexor/quad seems ok. I started another round of whole30 today. DH is doing it with me-in his own way. He still won't give up his Cheerios. What's everyone up to this week? Any...
  19. Beth-B-Fit

    Damage Control July!!!

    Hi all, Thought I'd get us off to a check in this month. Not much new here. Friday was my rest day and today I'm doing ME-upper body only premix. My lower body is sore (in a good way) so I'm giving it another day of rest. What's everyone up to this weekend? Is anyone here getting the Fit...
  20. Beth-B-Fit

    Workout Manager

    I've tried to be patient, really! A couple of quick questions: when are the workouts going in the workout manager to go on the calendar and are you putting the rotations in the rotation manager to add to the calendar? Thanks, Beth