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    Free nutritional website

    You can use My Fitness Pal on your PC.
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    After Low Impact Series

    ICE would be a good one. You can then do the rotation with both ICE and LIS before considering Xtrain.
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    Anyone use Essential Oils?

    Yup! Patchouli will conjure up images of hippies. Google "swiftcraftymonkey" for recipes; this lady's blogspot has lots of info on making your own skincare. We also have 'Making Skincare' here in the UK and they also have a FB page. I used to go round to the girl who started it and she...
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    Anyone use Essential Oils?

    Yes, Neroli is expensive but I use only a drop or two at a time, as I have very sensitive skin I do respect the potency of essential oils, so it last a long time. Palmarosa is another favourite which I use in oil blends. :) Ama
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    Anyone use Essential Oils?

    You're so right, Elsie. Although I'd heard about watermelon seed oil for quite a while now, I've only just started using it. I made a nice serum with it as the main oil and added pomegranate, kiwi, sea buckthorn seed oils, carrot tissue oil and a few others, with Coenzyme Q10 and carrot seed...
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    Anyone use Essential Oils?

    Great thread!! I've been using essential oils for years. I make my own creams, serums and deodorants because I became allergic to the commercial stuff when I hit menopause. My skin has never looked better. I also blend and burn essential oils instead of using air fresheners and it's fun...
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    It takes 2 b a true cathlete to care --- Thank you ;-)

    Been away from my pc for while. My thoughts have been with you this week, Nathalie - good to know you and yours are safe. Ama
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    Chicken Breast - Tasty way of cooking - Your thoughts

    Hi Nathalie, (I always enjoy reading your posts, btw.) I'm sat at my desk enjoying a piece of chicken breast I made last night. Just to warn you - I'm a 'chuck-it-in-and-see-what-it-tastes-like' kinda gal... no measuring, no weighing. In essence - no faffing around. This means no two...