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    LITE body & band-- yes !!

    just used it again this time with scott malone heavy , extra heavy fire walker bands( really durable scott malone bands as set from light to x heavy) and theraband xtra heavy for back- anyone who uses stronger bands and /or band around ankles and thighs is going to get quite the workout !!:) fun...
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    LITE series another winner

    HI - I Just completed PHA2 with pyramid pump biceps and triceps this morning. Earlier this week , did Rev'd Up Rumble and , Strong Body Sets Upper and Lower , ABS 1 & 2. Really enjoy the variety!!! Greatly appreciate that I can take care of my joints and yet push myself in new ways with this...
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    FIT TOWER only

    Can we please purchase the new FIT TOWER without the package? I can no longer do high impact so do not want the entire package. Thank you
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    xtrain music vocals component annoying

    I have been using XTRAIN, an undulating workout -- really enjoy the results and the variety-- BUT the VOCALS in some of XTRAIN are so loud and so annoying - i need the drive of the beat but please stop the loud annoying vocals that sometimes overpower Cathe and frankly are not fun to listen to...
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    XTRAIN safe for ? Knees?

    Cathe, i have been using your DVDs for yrs,but now my knees do not tolerate high impact moves or lunges any longer -actually causes downtime when i try:( -- which part of XTRAIN would be best for me?