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    Spri Stability Ball - how to inflate????

    My last ball was sub-par, so checked this forum for what Cathe uses, and it was the Spri ball. Bought it and was happy to get it...until I started trying to inflate it. I have an electric pump that has always inflated my other balls, but the hole in this ball is too small to take either tip...
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    Link to Equipment??

    Hi! There was a link on pinterest to equipment Cathe used for her workouts, but it seems to be gone now. Is there another place to look? I'd love to know which brands she uses for stability balls, bands, etc. Thanks to anyone who can help! Best, Annie
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    Cathe, which workout sneakers do you wear?

    I've worn Ryka for years, but they seem to be made differently in the last couple of years. I think you mentioned once that you wear Nike. If so, which ones? I'm open to all brands, but need to know which cross-trainers to buy. Thanks so much! Annie
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    Wondering how you put the Live workouts together

    Cathe, I have no idea how you manage to come up with so many innovative ideas every week for the Live workouts. You keep fine-tuning and changing it up so that they're never boring, and the workouts continue to challenge us. So my question is: how do you decide which type of workout to do...
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    Recent change on "timestamp" of Cathe Live

    Not really sure how to describe this, but lately, using either Chrome or Firefox, when I do a Cathe Live, at the bottom of the screen, I can't see the timing of the workout. I used to be able to check now and again as I was working out, to see how much more time was left (especially when in a...
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    Good substitute for Cathe/Altus firewalker bands that are no longer available

    I've had a few different sets of the Cathe firewalkers over the years, but since Altus went out of business, Cathe no longer sells them. I worked my way up to the heavy weight (blue) band, and when that finally snapped, I had no other choice than to go over to Amazon and start looking. I saw a...
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    What happened to the Firewalker bands you used to sell?

    I loved the firewalkers you used to sell, Cathe, the ones made by altus athletic. I recently broke my blue one and needed to replace it. I went to your store, and they don't seem to be for sale anymore. Even went to the altus site, and they don't have them either. So I ordered another brand...
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    How to lift a flat butt

    Hi Cathe, My wife asked me to ask you something on her behalf (she doesn't go on Forums). She's just lost a little weight and even though we've both been doing your workouts (downloads and Cathe Live) for quite some time, and we've just added in some heavier weights, suddenly, her butt is flat...
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    Cathe Live problems

    I've already emailed customer support and posted on both of Cathe's FB pages, but just to make sure someone actually sees this ;-) I'm posting here, too. I purchased Cathe Live on 12/31/15 and suddenly, today, I can't access it. I obviously still have more time on my monthly membership, so I...
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    Slide N Glides Question

    I have two sets of the old Cathe slide n glides that I bought from your store a few years ago. One is used primarily for carpeting and one is for hardwood floors. Of course, the one used on carpeting doesn't need the soft covers, but the one for wood floors does, and those covers fall off...
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    Cardio Suggestions with healing broken wrist?

    Hey all (and hopefully, Cathe): My girlfriend broke her wrist (2 months out), still in a splint. She needs some kind of cardio workout because she's going crazy, not being able to work out like normal. Can't put any kind of pressure on the wrist, so nothing on the floor. No weights and...
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    Workout Shoes?

    Cathe, I'm loving the new Ripped with HiiTs workouts! Which shoes are you and Jai wearing? I'm particularly curious about her black shoes. Nikes?
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    Premix list for people who use downloads only?

    I seem to vaguely remember a premix list for those of us who only do downloads. Just the titles isn't enough, if I'm going to use the Blender. I need to know which chapters in which order for each premix. Where do I find that? Thank you!
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    I HATE STEP!!!

    There, I said it. I realize Cathe's known for her step workouts, but I didn't start with her DVD's until 2006, so I missed the bulk of that. I've been doing pretty much everything ever since, but even though I bought when it first came out, I didn't have the nerve to do Party Rockin' Step #2...
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    Great Glutes and question

    I did Great Glutes for the first time this morning, and I have to say, my butt has been INCINERATED!!!! I can't even imagine how I'm going to get around later today. Hobbling, probably. But I'm not complaining ;-) Quick question: this seemed to be an instrumental version. I checked the...
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    Quick reviews

    I love love love X10. I have to say that we got through Cardio Blast, Fat Burning Circuit...and halfway through Hi/Low, had to call it quits. Now maybe we should've done Hi/Low earlier, but wow!!! This workout kicked our butts and we were sweaty messes and crying for Mama ;-) I think this...
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    Where are Equipment Listings for new workouts?

    In the past, the DVD's for sale on Cathe's website have listed the equipment needed for each workout. I've always counted on this posted info so when my downloads were ready, I knew which equipment to take out for each workout. I can't seem to find that information anywhere. Maybe I'm missing...
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    Heavier Boxing Gloves for Hard Strikes?

    Just wondering if anyone's gotten heavier boxing gloves to use for Hard Strikes. I know Cathe and the gang use 12 oz., but I'm wondering, for those of you who are really strong and want to bring things up a notch, have you upped the weights to 14 or 16 oz.? And if so, what are the new results?
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    Trouble Porting Worker Blender videos to my iPod

    I have an iPod classic that I bought new last year (so it must be the latest version). I've never had any problems putting cathe downloads on there, but I just decided to do a Workout Blender version of the Abs portion of High Reps. It plays fine on my iMac, ports over and plays fine on my...
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    Complicated: need feedback on putting together some very specific premixes

    Not sure where to post this, so I will put it on a couple of threads: Hi! Coming back from the flu, I’ve only had time to do a few of the new XTrains (All-Out HiiTs, Cardio Leg Blast, Legs and SuperCuts) and looking forward to doing the rest. I’ve been really enjoying them. However, my...