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    ICE Muscle Meltdown on DVD?

    Since you are working on a new series, will you consider putting the ICE Muscle Meltdown on one DVD? It'll be one additional workout to the replicator... I will definitely will pay for it. I love to do a total body or CST/BB body split workouts using muscle meltdowns without changing DVDs. I...
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    ICE... my favorite series! More metabolic workouts, PLEASE...
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    SpeedShred - Deltafit workout

    Now I remember... yes, the first set was waaaay easy. You might want to skip or shorten the rest period.
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    step moving

    Yoga mat
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    Our Fitness Blog Receives Another Award

    A well deserved award! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Please continue educating us!
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    SpeedShred - Deltafit workout

    I have the set. Love BJ... he's funny! Anyway, he has a new set out -- Metashred. I would get that if I were you. However, I heard it's metabolic workouts in case you do not like metabolic workouts. Here's the chatter on VF:
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    Cathe, Just want to say --- LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Please keep continue educating us!
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    10 Fit-Girl Problems Nobody Talks About

    #4 for me. #6 use hair laser removal. The best money I've ever spent!
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    I miss my workout room

    (((HUGS))) There is light at the end of the tunnel. As long as you try to do something everyday, keep moving...
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    XTrain Workout Sheets?

    Just sent you a PM.
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    Send me your e-mail address for RWH Worksheet...

    Send me your e-mail address for RWH Worksheet...
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    XTrain Workout Sheets?

    I sent you a PM. You can reply with your e-mail address. You have to be logged in to send PMs.
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    I need your e-mail address so I can send RWH worksheet.

    I need your e-mail address so I can send RWH worksheet.
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    XTrain Workout Sheets?

    PM me your e-mail address. Click on my icon (on the left) and click on Profile Page. And send me your e-mail via message.
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    Black Fire reviews??

    A few on
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    XTrain Workout Sheets?

    I didn't do the Xtrain Worksheet, but I have Ripped w/ Hiit Excel. Of course, it looks different, but if you want a copy, PM me with your e-mail address.
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    Best hair epilator out there

    I use Groupon for hair laser removal. I paid $100 for under arm, and a year later $100 for bikini line. Very satisfied. I have dark hair, and with shaving, the roots still show... like I didn't shave.
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    Cathe, Is It Safe To Do Metabolic or Hiit/Tabata type training every day?