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  1. PinkMom

    Just Ordered Those Cute Blue Rykas for $29.99!

    Debbie, I ordered the coral and white, too, since I got other colors when you posted that discount on FB a few weeks ago. I think if you like a shoe and it fits, you should get lots of colors. :)
  2. PinkMom


    These sound great! I just pm'd you my email address. Thanks!
  3. PinkMom

    Big Shout Out....

    CAN'T WAIT, CATHE!!!!!
  4. PinkMom

    Tom Venuto's new e-book

    Is anyone getting this? I'm torn, and I'd love to hear from anyone who bought it or is thinking about getting it. Thanks!
  5. PinkMom

    Let's Chat here at 10:30am Eastern

    Cathe, that sounds awesome -- I can't wait!!! We've had a break in our summer heat the past two days, so maybe it'll be pleasant next week. See you soon! Kristi
  6. PinkMom

    Happy birthday, Gin (TXGin)!

    Have a fabulous day and a wonderful year!
  7. PinkMom

    Howdy Texas Road Trippers!!!

    I am a sixth generation Texan, and I don't think I've ever said, "howdy." "Y'all," on the other hand, is a part of daily speech.
  8. PinkMom

    WHO'S IN?

    Hey, Barb27, Where are you coming from? I was on bed rest with my twins -- 17 YEARS AGO! Don't fret a moment about not knowing anyone -- you will meet some seriously wonderful women on this trip. Can't wait to meet you! Kristi (from Austin)
  9. PinkMom

    WHO'S IN?

    Linda -- I'm not Pinky, my name is Kristi. Sorry! Can't wait to meet you in October, though.
  10. PinkMom

    WHO'S IN?

    I was #1 and my sister was #50 -- we'll be driving in from Austin. Can't wait to see Cathe and old friends and to meet new friends!
  11. PinkMom

    Kangoo Jumps

    I can hurt myself and feel foolish for free with my daughter's pogo stick -- and save the $250 to pay the ER.
  12. PinkMom

    The problem with America...

    My thoughts exactly, Jodi. Love ya, Robin!!!
  13. PinkMom

    Well Wishes For A-Jock

    Annette, I'm so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  14. PinkMom

    Eggland Tour - Texas

    Lost Pines or the Hill Country Hyatt in SA would both offer a unique Texas Hill Country feel, which would be nice. I think going to a Texas beach would just be trying to force the beach theme. I've lived in Texas all my life, and, for a few years, I lived an hour from South Padre Island. I...
  15. PinkMom

    Why no clips yet

    Wendy, I had that EXACT same thought!
  16. PinkMom

    Eggland Tour - Texas

    I vote for Austin b/c I live here, but San Antonio has some nice resorts, too. If you look at the coast, just remember that the beach on the Gulf of Mexico is not like the beach on the Atlantic or the Pacific -- neither is the water. Like Laura, I'm in regardless.
  17. PinkMom

    Spring break in San Diego?

    Do you anticipate ever announcing more than one date at a time -- more like a tour schedule of several dates and locations? It would make it a little easier to decide and plan. Any news on the Texas RT? Thanks!
  18. PinkMom

    Shout-Out to PinkMom:

    OMG -- I'm so sorry & so lame!!! I am soooo sorry. I did, and I actually meant to send you an actual thank you note, but that just got pushed to the back burner. My life has been crazy lately between Thanksgiving, finishing a class, and deciding rather spur of the moment to apply for a job...
  19. PinkMom

    Other Workouts that Use a Heavy Bag?

    I'm thinking about asking my DH for a heavy bag and gloves for Christmas, but I hate to get one for only the heavy bag bonus workout in STS Cardio. Does anyone know of other good workouts that use it? THANKS!
  20. PinkMom

    Insanity, anyone? Help!

    Hey, A-Jock, From one anal retentive to another, would you be willing to share those spreadsheets? I actually hand wrote the list of exercises in each workout, and I would peek at it periodically to see what was next. I agree with you that I never remembered without peeking, and we never got...