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  1. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Stacked Sets Upper Body Live Workout

    Wow, did it this morning and my arms were doing the “jackhammer” shake on the ending stretches, lol. Whew, great workout!
  2. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Step, Sweat and Lift Live Workout

    I really enjoyed doing it this morning! I was actually able to get about 90% of the step choreography down, which is a huge feat considering my two left feet, lol! The weight work was GREAT! It kept my heart rate up and it was challenging too. ;) I'll be adding this one to my favorites!
  3. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Hearts on Fire Cathe Live Workout

    Really enjoyed this one! ❤ I did it again today and loved it even more! Definitely went into my favorites. It'll be a great one to do when I get up and just want to do something fun. ;)
  4. Kathy G

    List of Live Workouts

    Cathe posts a description and equipment list every week when she announces what's going to be on Cathe Live (in this forum). The post usually has the date so they are easy to find. The times are posted in Cathe Live (beneath the picture selection). Hope that helps.
  5. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Low Impact Blast Off Circuit Class

    This was an awesome workout! I’ve done it twice already.
  6. Kathy G

    Please stop screaming during Live workouts.

    Is there anyway that she can turn the volume down low and still be able to follow Cathe's cues? I understand she has a condition that this aggravates. I work out at 5 or 5:30 in the morning and don't turn the volume up very high but can still follow along by watching Cathe's non-verbal cues...
  7. Kathy G

    Video Clip Of Cathe's Upper Body Circuit With Hiit" Live Workout

    I tried this one yesterday and melted into a puddle on the floor after, lol! Great workout!
  8. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Cardio Fusion Live Workout

    This one was fabulous!!! I tried it for the first time yesterday and immediately added it to my favorites. :)
  9. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Ready For Action Bootcamp Live Workout

    I tried this one this morning and enjoyed it! I modified the higher impact stuff but was still sweating like crazy!
  10. Kathy G

    Cathe Live Request

    I understand Cathe! But I'm going to throw my requests into the pile, lol. Another "Push/Pull Total Body" with just barbell, weights, and chair (just different exercises.) This is such a time efficient workout, one of my favorites. Low Impact version of "Compound HIIT." I love using the...
  11. Kathy G

    Video Clip Of Cathe'Low Impact Boot Camp Live Workout

    This looks great! Can't wait to try it! :)
  12. Kathy G

    Who is registered?

    Whew, made it in! Who else is registered? :)
  13. Kathy G

    Dec 20, 2017

    This is an AWESOME workout! It's definitely going in the favorites list. I liked that you could make it an express workout by leaving out the last two rounds. :)
  14. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Low Impact Hiit Plus Upper Body Live Workout

    Thanks Cathe, this was a lot more challenging than I expected (in a good way!) Loved the format too!
  15. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Compound HiiT Live Workout

    I love this one Cathe! Perfect mix of cardio and compound weights plus all standing work! I modified some of the high impact but still got a heart pounding workout.
  16. Kathy G

    October 26, 2017

    Woohoo! Thanks Cathe, looking forward to it! ❤️
  17. Kathy G

    Another Cathe Live Request

    Great suggestion Liz! Hope you don't mind if I also jump in here and ask for another metabolic workout like "Metabolic Meltdown" which is one of my favorites. It's a workout I LOVE to hate, lol. My heart rate stays up there the entire time with no impact, and I feel like every muscle group...
  18. Kathy G

    No Cathe Live Thursday Oct 19, 2017

    Good luck tomorrow on QVC Cathe! Congrats! We'll find another goody to do. ;)
  19. Kathy G

    Video Clip of Cathe's Low Impact Cardio Hiit Live Workout

    This is so much fun! I've done it a couple of times and enjoy even more each time. :)