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    Abs: pikes on ball!

    Can't do them. Could be my ball isn't inflated high enough.
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    Leg & Glutes /Leaner Legs videos

    You have to buy the L&G with KPC. You get LL with the CTX series. If you are just looking fora lower body workout I would suggest butts and guts
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    CrossTrain Express-All Step

    I found All Step to be one of the most difficult in terms of choroegraphy. I am also not a fan of hi/lo. So I didn't endup using these as much as I thought I would. If you like hi/lo then it's a good workout system that takes less than an hour to complete.
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    Interval and Blast questions

    I'm a wimp. I do the opposite....the step portions without the blasts. That gives me a pretty good workout. I hate blasts (but I usually do them) Missy
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    Boot Camp is my favorite!

    I haven't done bootcamp in a while but the last time I did it I had a blast. I remember the first time I was able to get through it how proud I was of myself. Missy
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    I can't do Interval Running

    If you have stairs, run up and down the stairs. Missy
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    Should I buy CardioKicks, and the Rhythmic step/INt max dvds?

    I love Rhythmic Step and Imax. I'm not a kickbox fan or a hi-lo fan so I don't care for CardioKicks or MIC.
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    Will there be a kettlebell workout in the future?

    I hope she doesn't do one. I can't afford the money or the space for any new equipment. That said I don't have to purchase a kettlebell workout if she does one. I just hope it isn't part of the cardio STS.
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    I don't know what you *should* use but I use lighter weights for triceps and heavier weights for biceps. Missy
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    Wedding Dress Workout

    Do you have the Gym Styles? I think they would be good for getting that upperbody into shape. Congratulations on your wedding btw! Missy
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    I saw huge results with p90X. I went from doing no pullups to doing 9. Of course I've lost that now that I stopped doing it. I liked Tony but I missed Cathe. I got p90X+ and have really enjoyed it and got DOMS in my butt and legs from the lunges he does in upper body+. The ab workout is the...
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    Which Is Harder? MIC or Imax 3???

    It's been a while since I did MIC because I hate hi/lo. I think Imax3 is harder though. Missy
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    Will New Equipment be Necessary with STS

    I don't know what to expect weight wise but I have up to 20 pounds and don't plan on going heavier unless I absolutely have to. As for the squat rack, not going to happen. I don't have the space or the money and I've always been satisfied with Cathe's weight work for legs. Missy
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    buying more dvds -- am I nuts?

    If you need enabling, you've come to the right place. I have all of Cathe's DVD's with the exception of Supersets and some old step workouts. I love variety and I have so many I can rotate through them and they are fresh every time. Buy more! Missy
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    Right now I prefer the 4DS. I did a CTX rotation just before the 4DS arrived and the only thing I don't like is the hi/lo segments. The cardio is way more advanced in CTX. Just my opinion. I like the 4DS stepwork because it's very intricate and challenging (for me). I hate fast feet, but I do it...
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    STS - Do you plan to preorder?

    I plan on having my mom or husband preorder these as a birthday present. My birthday is in May so I have a looong wait ahead of me. I like the long rotation idea and plan to do a round of p90x before starting this series. I think it will be a good series. I like anything Cathe does. Missy
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    Pyramids - can I use this system solely?

    I agree with Meredith. I don't use the Pyramid Lower Body because of all the plate changes. I can't change my weights as fast as Cathe and it frustrates me to pause it.
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    Last and First

    btw - what's ASCII?
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    Last and First

    Last: Low Impact Step 4DS First: bootcamp 4DS Missy