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    Any ex-runners?

    Hi Jen! I know how you feel even though I am an ex-ex runner. In other words I gave it up for similar reasons but then decided to get back in the game. When I was 25 I had a car accident and broke my neck. I had been very active and very symmetrical before my injury. I was paralyzed from the...
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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    As a mother of sons as well, I can't imagine your pain! Prayers to you and your family!
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    Colonoscopy diet? (vegan) not TMI

    I just want to say to anyone who is putting off a colonoscopy for any reason..... Just do it. I know two people in the last year who were diagnosed with colon cancer in the late stage and have died. It is so preventable if it is caught early on. The procedure is ridiculously easy. Don't over...
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    crab stuffed zucchini

    Thanks for sharing. I'm trying it!
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    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    I just found out that I'm in! Can you send me an invite to the fb page? Beth
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    Collard chips or anything else?

    Thank you both for the great recipes! I made the sausage one first with organic chicken sausage and it was delicious. Next week there should be more and I will try the chips. I do not have a dehydrator though so I hope the oven works.
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    Collard chips or anything else?

    I have some collards that are growing like crazy. Does anyone know if they can be made into chips like kale--or does anyone have a good recipe?
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    Turbo bar

    You made a good choice! Turbo Barre is one of my favorites and your thighs will be screaming. But that's a good thing!
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    50 and over May check-in

    You will love the magic bullet if it is Anything like my Ninja blender. The spinning device is in the lid and it is easy to wash out. I make a kale pear drink that is really good in the mornings. The thing is incredible. I have hardly used my food processed sine I bought it. Your plan of one...
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    50 and over March check in

    Oh Jann! My thoughts and prayers will be with you! I hate that you have been going through this again - but I'm sure it will be alright! Please let us know. I have not been checking in either. I'm just going to the gym -not much to say. I'm glad that everyone else is staying motivated.
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    Ultimate Yogi

    Just popping in to let you know that the website had a coupon for 25% off using code "Spring". That brought the price down enough that I also jumped in!!
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    50 and over March check in

    Hello everyone! I have been reading the posts but I cant seem to find time to catch up! I have nothing to report-- no routines- just hit or miss. I think I have fizzeled out. I do go to the gym though- so thats something. I really need to get a good rotation working again. Cathy- what kind...
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    50 and over March check in

    Happy MARCH! Spring is around the corner !, I have not been working out at home lately. I ran the Marathon half and couldn't do anything but stretch for a while. You guys look like you're going strong! Jann, I saw your photos on FB. Was that the flower show? Looks too tropical for your area...
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    Over the flu, what to do?

    Why not pick something you have liked in the past and tell yourself that you only need to do 15 to 30 minutes of it the first time. Quit when your ready and by the next day you should be able to do more!:)
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    50 and over February check in

    Jennifer- I bought myself a x-box 360 with Kinnect so I could do zumba! I havent used it as much as I thought but that sounds like a fun way to burn some extra calories!!
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    50 and over February check in

    Thanks for the pep talk Jenn and Jann! I changed the settings on MFP so that I eat less carbs and I added the sugar button-- so maybe that will help! Somethings got to give soon! Next week I am going to try to add back in the weight workouts- I think I'll just rotate them on my own! I know...
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    50 and over February check in

    Warning: Ranting Sorry girls! I have to unload here because this is the kind of thing husbands and skiiny friends get tired of hearing about! I just ran 14 miles-- after two weeks of logging my food and keeping it under 1200 calories and GUESS WHAT? I gained a pound from the day before and...
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    50 and over January check in

    Jann!!! Whoa! What fun! I would go in a heartbeat. I am number 198 so I wont be going! It was an impulse that happened 20 seconds too late!
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    50 and over January check in

    Jann. I know what you mean about the dread factor. Lately I have been terrible at sticking to rotations. I haven't done this one yet though. What is it that makes you dread it? Is it hard or just that you get bored? This running is eating up all my exercise time. Although, I have been getting...
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    FB Help- somebody? Anybody?

    Pam Go to the right corner where there is a thing that looks like a wheel. It is your settings.. open it up and you can see it has a lot of adjustments that can be made. Lot under notifications- then email.. you can choose what you want to have deliverd to your email. As far as undoing your...