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  1. fitdeb

    More Cardio Pretty Please

    Any kind at all - HITT, Hi/Low, Kickbox, Boxing, Tabatas - true cardio. No metabolic -don't want to have to use weights to get my heart rate up. The Perfect 30 high/low program was just, well, perfect. Thank you.
  2. fitdeb

    Cathe's Lift, Move & Restore Workout Times

    I was hoping for more cardio....sigh
  3. fitdeb

    Orthovisc Injections

    I am 2 1/2 weeks past my 3rd injection. The process itself was mostly painless. After the first injection, there was no difference in the way my knee felt. After the second and third injection my knee felt "full" and sort of squishy. I really behaved and rested (so hard to do). I have to say...
  4. fitdeb

    Orthovisc Injections

    Thanks for your comments...My new orthopedist specializes in sports medicine. She said the same thing about the cortisone injections. The orthovisc seems to be a good next step and we did talk about the possibility of PRP. Would you tell me more about your experiences? Were you able to get...
  5. fitdeb

    Orthovisc Injections

    Just wondering if any of you have had hyaluronic acid injections in your knees. I have been dealing with a torn meniscus in my right knee that cortisone no longer seems to help. I have very mild osteoarthritis, nothing advanced enough to worry about something like knee replacement, and the...
  6. fitdeb

    How "old" is "old"?

    I wonder how many elderly Cathletes are here? Anyone know how to do a poll? (See, I guess that request really does prove I am elderly!)
  7. fitdeb

    How "old" is "old"?

    This is a question I have been pondering of late. Google says that if you are 65 or older you are considered elderly. I am 65 and there is no time-zone, planet or even a dimension in which I would consider that I am ELDERLY! I have been working out for 40 years exactly (got a Jane Fonda VHS...
  8. fitdeb

    morton's neuroma

    Good Morning, I was wondering if any of you have dealt with Morton's Neuroma (self diagnosed) and perhaps have some suggestions on inserts, etc. Thanks in advance, Debbie
  9. fitdeb


    So I got swept up in the Black Friday sales and bought a kettlebell set (5-10-15-20), now I just need a good workout to go with them :) Would love some suggestions from those in the know. Thanks, Deb
  10. fitdeb

    Cathe, Kristin, and Jenn D. are getting down and sweaty with a deep side lunge in Killer Legs

    I wonder if Cathe has entire room dedicated as a "workout wear" closet. I struggle with how to store my always growing workout wardrobe. I have a seriously challenging time throwing anything away.
  11. fitdeb

    Pre-Order My 4 New Workouts - Estimated To Ship In December 2023

    Is there any core work or extended stretches? Wonderful surprise!
  12. fitdeb

    Dumbbell Spotter?

    I looked at these hooks. The shipping is more than the hooks! Please keep us posted if you have them made. The concept is great.
  13. fitdeb


    Any kind - but especially something like the perfect30 HIIT pair. Another kickboxing workout would be wonderful. Thanks.
  14. fitdeb

    Regarding STS2.0 Abs

    The mini ball stability abs! Oh my...I looked like a walrus floundering around on the sand. The ball had a mind of its own and would shoot out across the room. During the bicycle maneuver my arms and legs never could quite get it together! Probably got a good workout chasing the ball and...
  15. fitdeb

    Video Clip Of Cathe's Boom Boom Pow Kickbox Live Workout

    Just ordered them! and the bada** ones too!
  16. fitdeb

    STS 2.0 Total Body Giant Sets

    I do hip thrusts using my stability ball. Works great. Very easy to roll out, do the thrusts and then roll back up. I have been doing it this way for more than 3 years, I am using an 80# bar-bell with no problems.
  17. fitdeb

    To taller Cathletes!

    I agree! I am 5'11' and my legs are long - 36" inseam. I have to travel a lot farther to complete most exercises, especially side-to-side lunges. To keep up with the workout I usually will just do fewer reps. With weight training it is about TUT so I figure that by traveling the extra 6" my...
  18. fitdeb

    News Flash

    Cathe, so sorry to hear about your injury. Those danged jar lids! It never ceases to amaze me that I have the strength to one arm row with a 40# dumbbell but I need a "granny gripper" to open a jar of pickles! I know how hard it is to be side-lined. Rest, Rest, Rest.... :)
  19. fitdeb

    Calendar is here!!

    Shred Shed! Love it!
  20. fitdeb

    Rebounder Recommendation

    I have been toying with the idea of adding rebounder workouts. Any recommendations, positive or not, would be very appreciated. Also, if you do use a rebounder, do you just adapt Cathe's workouts or do you like a specific instructor? Thanks, Debbie