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  1. fit44

    Late Night Update

    The ICE - Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox: Muscle Meltdown - Triceps download is missing when I click on the download link. This is the message I get when I click on it- Argh! We were unable to locate the page you were trying to load.
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    User's Guide
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    Anyone else getting restless???

    I signed up for Cathe's live classes, so....not really!:o I'm enjoying Cathe live so much!!!:cool:
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    Weight gain in menopause

    I would have to agree with Jeanne, it's not all bad. You have to find what works for you. I'm going through menopause and have gained weight, couldn't stay asleep for more than 4 hours at a time, moody, brain fog, tired all the time. For fat loss, keto has been the answer for me. I have...
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    That's it! Im going to get a big boobs!

    Tatoo'd nipples are for women who have had mastectomey. A breast lift requires a very skilled surgeon, much more so than a surgeon who does breast implants. If you want a breast lift, look for a micro surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction. Your nipples can die if the nerves are cut off.
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    Dog Food

    [/B] Yes.
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    Dog Food

    My sister neutered her corgi at 4 months old, and one of his growth plates grew too long. He needed surgery at 10 months old, and now walks with a limp and turned out foot. I'm not saying everyone should keep an intact animal. Keeping your animal intact involves great responsibility. My dogs...
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    Dog Food

    Can you ask the breeder for food suggestions? If you can't, maybe join a breed specific forum to ask for food suggestions. Labs can be prone to orthopedic problems, and you need to feed a kibble with the proper caloric & calcium amounts. You want to grow a large breed slow, and too many...
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    What supplements do you take?

    I'm really confused what I should take! Jeanne Marie, do you still take calcium supplements? I just began HRT for menopause, and I read studies that tell menopausal women to take calcium and one study that says it can increase risks of heart attack. When I add up the foods I eat that contain...
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    Laura, I hope your kitty gets well. I understand where you're parents are coming from. It is very expensive. and not everyone has the funds to pay for all the diagnostic testing and it still doesn't guarantee an answer. I think we racked up somewhere close to $4,000 on all the tests performed on...
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    We had to do this with our youngest dog. He is what they call a "happy vomiter". He was digesting his food and not losing weight, but was vomiting clear fluid daily. It was very similar to acid reflux. We ran tests for food allergies, came up with nothing, and a full blood panel and couldn't...
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    Artificial Sweetner of any kind....

    True! Also, raw honey (must be raw) will help desensitize you to certain environmental allergies. My dog suffers with environmental allergies and his holistic vet suggested I give him honey from local bee farmer. We get ours straight from the hive!;) The reason for local, is that the bees are...
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    Pots and pans

    You sold me on cast iron skillet. What do I need to do to season it? :) Okay, I see you posted pre-seasoned suggestions. Thanks! I'll give it a try.
  14. fit44

    Pots and pans

    So if we do not use iron cooking pans, will meat give us enough iron? I eat a lot of beef because I really don't care for poultry. My sister became anemic because she doesn't eat a lot of meat. I was anemic after I gave birth to my second child, and the doctor told me to take a multi-vitamin...
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    Question for those who do TA

    I've read continuity is easier than meta. I tried meta and couldn't do it. It was killing my hips. I think I was losing form pushing myself. I'm thinking about starting with continuity and working up to meta. This was posted on the VF, it gives you some ideas how to do meta in a raised...
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    Pots and pans

    Are they any good? I've never heard of them. I would be willing to spend the money if they're worth it. I only need a few pots and a couple of frying pans.
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    Pots and pans

    I don't know..I just discovered that any food that grows out of the ground contains various metals. :eek: I learned this from a discussion about the recent report on shakeology containing lead. Honestly, I had no idea. Here are foods that help chelate metals- Top foods that chelate the body...
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    Which Are Considered Hypertrophy

    I think if you did UPs only on Pyramids too. I love the results I get from Pyramids. I own S&H, but I haven't really done that one much.
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    Anyone eat Paleo?

    My husband and I ate more primal for a year. I've since added oats and rice. The fat melted off! I felt very satisfied eating this way, and had more energy. It's a great way to learn what works for you nutrition wise. IMO, it's kind of an elimination diet.
  20. fit44

    Which Are Considered Hypertrophy

    Slow and Heavy? Pyramids?