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  1. Cruncholi

    21 more days...

    I would love it if you would lead the spin class this year at the Roadtrip Cathe.
  2. Cruncholi

    Tower for Heavy Barbell Weight Idea

    You just described my last 2 heavy leg days to a "T"! I could have written your post myself
  3. Cruncholi

    Any filming this year?

    I love the pyramids also!
  4. Cruncholi

    Stickers for new workouts

    I was also wondering the same thing :-)
  5. Cruncholi

    X10 Step Review

    X10 Step Review: like the other X10s on this disc, the Step workout provides nonstop action. You warm up, then step for about 7 minutes, raise the step height for some metabolic compound movements with weights for 3-4 minutes, then stretch, all in 26 minutes. Get 'er done!
  6. Cruncholi

    X10 Low Impact review

    X10-low impact review I did X 10 low impact after a full body weight workout. Music in a workout video usually does not change my opinion of the video. However, I am really loving the music in this workout series. X 10 low impact has a remix of Aerosmith's Walk This Way and it is really...
  7. Cruncholi

    X10 Cardio Blast

    X10 Cardio Blast Review: my love affair with X10 continues. Cardio Blast moves FAST from plyo to hi impact to low impact "heart rate elevators." Just when you start to catch your breath, Cathe says "GO!" This is truly 12-ish minutes of intense, nonstop cardio. Oh, and at the 10-minute mark...
  8. Cruncholi

    Surprised when reading dvd reviews

    I am thoroughly enjoying the new videos and have reviewed each one after I've done it. I hope that it was not any of my reviews that came across as negative :-). As a product of the 80s, the music is making me VERY happy!! You can really see that Cathe puts her heart and soul into her work...
  9. Cruncholi

    Great Glutes Review

    Great Glutes Review: Cathe hit it out of the park with this one! GG starts out with standing leg work with light weights and high reps, low ends, and some new lunges moves that I had never done before. Then she moves into a killer sliding disc lunge section. The disc cross back lunges had...
  10. Cruncholi

    Flex Train Review

    Flex Train Review: Cathe works every body part with medium weights and high reps in Flex Train. Lower body moves include sumo squats, lunges, sliding disc lunges & fire walker skaters. The lower body moves are often paired with upper body moves such as bicep curls and shoulder presses (I...
  11. Cruncholi

    Party Rockin' Step #2 Review

    Party Rockin' Step #2 (50 minutes) Review: I absolutely love PRS#2! The are 6 fun combos and a challenge at the end that puts all 6 together. I was incredibly sweaty by the end and that was only on 6 inches (I'm 5'6" so 8 inches is my norm). Combo 2 is so fun and features "memory lane...
  12. Cruncholi

    Lean Legs & Abs Review

    Lean Legs & Abs Review: This workout begins with a warmup and then about 15 minutes of standing leg work - high reps with very light weights. You will do squats with heels elevated, many variations of lunges, low pulsing lunges, and fire walker loop speed skaters. I broke my pink fire walker...
  13. Cruncholi

    Party Rockin' Step #1 - Review

    There isn't much breakdown. At most, she gives you a simpler option for some moves that you can continue doing if you get tripped up on the tricky moves. Good luck!
  14. Cruncholi

    X10 Fat Burning Circuit Review

    X10 Fat Burning Circuit: in 28 minutes, Cathe warms you up, elevates your heart rate and makes you sweat, cools you down and stretches you out. This workout features plyometric staples such as scissor jumps, grounded switches and tuck jumps, plus compound lower/upper body moves to get you...
  15. Cruncholi

    Pedal Power Review

    Pedal Power Review: Pedal Power is a sweaty soaker and a very solid cardio challenge. If you have done Cathe's previous spin videos, you know that she utilizes seated to standing "jumps." Pedal Power does contain some of that type of "jumps," but she has a lot more second to third position...
  16. Cruncholi

    Party Rockin' Step #1 - Review

    Review of PRS#1: I conquered my fear and went straight to the more complexly choreographed PRS #1 video. I sailed through the warmup and combo #1 without issue. I broke a sweat by the end of combo #1. There were tricky parts to combos #2 & #3, but they were doable. Had I previewed the...
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    Muscle Max and BodyMax (power step leg segment and upper body segment) and BodyMax2-same format.
  18. Cruncholi

    Oxygen's EIC

    Well I guess we now know why she disappeared! Oxygen is no longer going to be published. Bummer. I did like the magazine, but I see from the other thread that many did not.
  19. Cruncholi

    Oxygen's EIC

    Maybe she left to focus on family-I seem to recall her being recently married. Baby maybe? I liked her monthly editor note. It will be interesting to see who succeeds her and how that changes the magazine.