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    More Spinning Please

    I would love more spinning also!
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    Cathe's New Weightlifting Belts

    I have never used one for weightlifting, but a very long time ago, I used my husband's at the very end of my (very overdue) pregnancy! My belly was so big and dropping and seemed to weigh 90 lbs. I would position the belt to go underneath my belly to help lift it up. LOL, haven't thought...
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    Will there be a Cathe Live this Thursday, July 4th???

    That's what I just came on here to ask!
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    2nd Balance Disc ideas

    I have the orange Cathe Balance disc, but want a 2nd one as I see she uses 2 in her upcoming workouts. However, to purchase just a balance disc, the shipping is more expensive than the equipment. I wanted to buy another disc (maybe from Amazon or exercise store) that will be a good complement...
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    Cathe, Jai, and Kristin in a scorpion pose in the new Functional Mobility Fusion workout

    Scorpion is my absolute favorite. I wouldn't mind a workout which was just a 30 minute scorpion hold! Each side. I feel it in my thoracic spine, which is my problem area.
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    Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Cathe's Lift Move And Restore Workout Program

    Wait....that staircase doesn't actually lead to anywhere?!? o_O Can't wait to get more behind the scene teasers.
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    Question re: packaging for new series

    Glad to know others are like me! I put a lot of thought into how I organize my DVDs and how to deal with the "bundles" that come in a multi-case. Then I leave a space for them once it is announced how the packaging will arrive. And I get so excited when I get to fill that space with the...
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    Who do you think might be in the new series?

    Ohhhh, I like this cast a lot. But I would have liked any cast! I do wish Al was there.
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    New Series

    So glad you posted this! Deazie is one of my favorites I would focus on since she is taller and has curly hair (like me!)
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    New Series

    I see where you are coming from! I see the perfectly polished cast and then get a glance of me in the workout mirror - it is quite the contrast. However, I prefer the DVDs to continue to be how they are - polished & edited without a blooper reel. I like the fantasy in my head of having a goal...
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    Mapping/cataloging of videos in OnDemand/Workout Blender when using "Search" feature

    Agreed. the Search function is greatly lacking. I finally made a spreadsheet of my own of every workout and categorized it myself. I do have to scroll through my spreadsheet to find what I am looking for. This takes awhile and is not ideal. I also can't search with multi factors (Lower Body...
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    How "old" is "old"?

    Reading this old post was a trip down memory lane! Seeing names I recognized and conversed with, but who are no longer active on this forum made me nostalgic.
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    Getting rid of dvds

    I would love your DVDs and loops! I am old-school and prefer DVDs (plus I live in the boondocks where streaming is just a lot of buffering!) I am in AZ.
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    New Poll Coming Alert!

    I have been enjoying the results of the 2 polls, thanks for initiating!
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    Another New Poll :) Equipment Cathe has used in workouts, that you like to use in your workouts?

    How does the rope-less jump rope work? Is it different than using a "pretend" invisible rope? I use an actual jump rope, but am on carpet and sometimes it hits the carpet weird and causes me to trip a bit. But I always assumed the rope-less rope was the same as a pretend rope. Thanks!
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    Another New Poll :) Equipment Cathe has used in workouts, that you like to use in your workouts?

    Voted for all! Would like to add: discs, dixie cups, spin bike, heavy bag, stepper, balance disc, bosu ball, high step, foam roller, boxing gloves, dip bars, round yoga mat (wish it came larger for us taller gals), bench. So......basically any toy Cathe can make fun for me. I buy and use it all.