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  1. lainabaina

    Crossfire or Afterburn?

    Afterburn is my favorite! Killer workout, no impact, it's genius.
  2. lainabaina

    Avoiding Muscle breakdown/Catabolism - What are your thoughts?

    Your body has enough energy stores to complete about 90 mins of exercise without needing to replenish with some protein to avoid catabolizing muscle. I don't recall any Cathe premixes longer than that. I plan my ride fuel for how long of a ride I'll be doing. If it is 2+ hours then I'll use a...
  3. lainabaina

    OMG Rockout Knockout clip is up!

    i can give you a rough idea on how to do it. if you have the cotton wraps with the loop on one end and the velcro on the other just put the loop around your thumb, then wrap 3x around your wrist. keep it flat and not too tight, but not loose. then start making "x's" across your palm, maybe 3...
  4. lainabaina

    Love letter to Cathe/ most intense DOMS

    Total body trisets lower body
  5. lainabaina

    Pyramid Trisets

    Yeah! Similar to LIS TB trisets but in pyramid fashion.
  6. lainabaina


    i saw an infomercial on this and was curious about it. is the TV infomercial where you buy it direct from the mfg? i know it wasn't QVC i saw it on, so is it better to buy from QVC when they have deals?
  7. lainabaina

    Cardio Core Circuit 2

    i like the 3 cardio exercises, but how about 6 rounds & each core segment use a different piece of equipment so it could be mix & match. one w/ no equipment, one w/ stability ball, one w/ the discs, one with med ball, one with tubing, one with weights. premixes galore!
  8. lainabaina

    Cathe! New workout suggestion and praise for you!

    I like your thinking! Great suggestion. And I bet you are the one who brought up STS TB Compound pre-mix a bit ago. I did it shortly after & agree that it's awesome! By the time I get to the deadlifts my forearms are about to give but I love it.
  9. lainabaina

    Healthy foods you just CAN'T stomach

    Love beets. Hate liver...I mean, that is where the body detoxifies itself. Plus the smell of it cooking makes me gag. Ok that's enough :)
  10. lainabaina


    I like the concept of Crossfit, but my experience was not the best when I tried it out for one month in Jan. It was a 20 min drive to the gym & I chose to go to the 5AM slot since traffic would be lighter. There was one trainer there drinking coffee & standing around. She showed me some of the...
  11. lainabaina

    Super short cardio premixes?

    The Circuit Blast premix from CrossFire
  12. lainabaina

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    my turn Name / Forum Name: Laina Hamilton / lainabaina Email Address / FB Address [email protected] Previous Road Trips Glassboro 2011 & 2012 Where you're from and family born in Springville, NY; raised in Lawrenceville...
  13. lainabaina

    Crazy Day Comes to a Close

    I'm in - YAY! still didn't get the email, but got a confirmation from support...whew!!!
  14. lainabaina

    Crazy Day Comes to a Close

    still nothing cc charge, no email, no response to the ticket from support. everyone else seems to have at least gotten something, and email or some kind of number, whether it's a for a certain confirmation or for the waiting list. i have not heard if they're still...
  15. lainabaina

    Crazy Day Comes to a Close

    i'm not sure where everyone is even getting their waiting list number. i have not gotten email, nothing. i registered right after it opened, then did it again. i have not heard anyone else hearing nothing. and here it is the next day...
  16. lainabaina

    Lower body & Ab workout suggestions

    I recommend Total Body Trisets Lower Body. You will feel it the next day...or 2, or 3. Nice balance of weighted & non-weighted exercises & it is not lengthy.
  17. lainabaina

    Tabatacise - LOVE!

    That's all! Loving this whole series but Disc 9 got me up & at 'em this early AM. Did Bis & Tris at lunchtime & added both 100 RC's...wooHoo! I almost kept up with Cedie but Marlo was really bangin out those bicep curls!
  18. lainabaina

    Whole 30

    i am on day 16 and loving this way of eating. sometimes i find myself wanting my comfort food (peanut butter toast w/ banana & honey) and a cup of coffee with creamer, but i think abt it for a minute and it's gone. and the cravings are starting to wane altogether. i am sure after the 30 days...
  19. lainabaina

    New spin DVD

    i think a couple of guys would be good, too. have a suggestion for Ride...pretty please see if you can include some ramps. not every song of course, but maybe in a couple of them. it's such a fun challenge to keep the beat of the music as it gets faster & faster, and they can be done seated...