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    Hi, Are the downloads chaptered?
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    Is Step Boss considered Intermediate or Advanced?

    I agree. ITA. Also, for me, Step blast and Ryhtmic step are harder than Step sync.
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    Not in the user's guide but you can find it here: HTH Nathalie
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    Any Canadian Cathletes get DVD's yet ?

    Do you have the tracking number? I was able to follow my parcel with Canada post. I guess I have been lucky over the years to never have to pay duty and taxes. Hopefully, it won't have again for another while. Nathalie
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    Any Canadian Cathletes get DVD's yet ?

    I had subscribed to updates on my parcel and I just received an e-mail saying that I'm going to have to pay 23$ of tax and duties! :mad::mad::mad: This is the first time it has happened to me. Guess I've been one of the "lucky" ones to be randomly chosen for inspection.
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    Any Canadian Cathletes get DVD's yet ?

    According to Canada Post's website, mine passed customs yesterday and was processed by Canada Post in Montreal this morning. Since I'm in Québec City, I'm expecting it tomorrow or Friday! (fingers crossed!) Nathalie
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    This is a GREAT suggestion!
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    Suggestion for the Fit split guide

    I have a suggestion for the Fit split guide regarding the way the information is put together : I wonder if it could be possible to put all the information regarding a DVD at the same place in the guide. For eample, at the moment, the breakdown is at one place, the premixes at an another and...
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    ? About the Bonus Abs section

    Are the bonus abs included in one of the 3 clips that you posted ( from what I saw, it did not seem so) If not, do you plan to post a clip of the bonus abs? Thanks! Nathalie
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    Strong & Sweaty Project Update - 11-4-16

    I love scrambled premixes, especially ones that are scrambled a lot!!!!! Nathalie
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    Background picture

    I like that it's a bright background (contrary to the ones in RWH and Xtrain)! I find them more energizing than the darker ones!!!!!
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    L Crunches

    I think the No equipment abs from STS Abs circuit has them. Nathalie
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    Suggestions for building tricpes strength

    I have weak triceps and for like to increase my strength. Which workouts are the best for building triceps strength (I have almost all of Cathe workouts except for STS and Pure strength)? TIA Nathalie
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    Mistake in the User Guide

    The format that was used for X-train was great because you had all the information regarding each DVD at the same place (time, equipment, premixes, bonuses, etc.). Nathalie
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    About the ICE Rotations

    They said that it will be available on Monday Nathalie
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    ICE Boot Camp Circuit Premixes

    Scrambled 1 and 2 look great! Nathalie
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    Skipping exercises in the STS downloads

    Hi, I have the STS downloads but I am not able to skip an exercise when I play it on my DVD player or my computer. I can only fast forward. Is there a way to do it? Thanks! Nathalie
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    Other Cathe workouts similar to Meso 1 ands Meso 2

    Hi, Does anyone know which of Cathe's other workouts would be similar to Meso 1 and Meso 2? Thanks! Nathalie
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    Have the PreOrder Mailings Been Completed Yet? Excitedly Anticipating Here in Canada!

    l'm in Québec and I haven't received my order yet! Crossing my fingers that it will be here Monday!!!! Nathalie
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    Name of song in Supercuts warmup

    Yes! That's it! Thank you very much! Nathalie