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    I have used the planatronics for over a year. I am a runner and have a never had a problem, I love them.
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    Got my Ripped w HiIT!

    I live in West Palm Beach, Florida and received mine yesterday. Was so surprised at how quick they came. Along with some other DVDs I ordered just a few days ago.
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    Looking for info on Sanibel Island, FL

    Sanibel is AWESOME! I don't post often but I do have to put my two cents in on this one. I live in West Palm Beach,FL. And have been spending 7 days in Sanibel for the past 12 Years. I have 2 children Now 16 and 13. We stay at the Sanibel Moorings. We have stayed there for the past 10 years...
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    Where in Fl are you?
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    Help!!! I'm a little freaked out!

    I ordered the sts tower and slanted risers, I was sent an Ups tracking #. Ups has them delivering only one box which I recieved today. It is the tower, no word on the risers. Cathe's website show's they shipped with tower and the riser and they have the same tracking number. Ups shows only one...
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    Help! Major Burn Out!!

    I have had blood work done which came back fine. I would say I have no ummph more than I am tired. I have no desire to do anything but sit around and eat even when I'm not hungry. My doctor did put me on pristiq but I think i'm going to take myself off. I have no reason to be depressed which I...
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    You look awesome, Now I really feel like a bum. Keep up the great work.

    You look awesome, Now I really feel like a bum. Keep up the great work.
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    Help! Major Burn Out!!

    I have gone to my doctor's and they are trying to help me but as of yet nothin. I am so confused because I don't know why I feel this way. There are no major changes in my life, I just don't feel like myself anymore. I do think it's in my head i just need it to stop. Thank You for being so...
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    Help! Major Burn Out!!

    I am suffering from major burn out and I don't know how to snap out of it. I have gained 20lbs since last december and now the past month or so I cant even get myself to work out. I might go for a bike ride or do a very short weight segment but nothing to strenous, I have lost so mmuch strength...
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    diet is what works best

    ditto to all of you. I agree diet is key, I will find myself pacing my house after I eat something bad trying to make up for it. Im going to try reallly hard today to clean up my diet for me it's low carb high protein and I know this but my head is not cooperatinng.
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    10# Challenge - September 15

    I too need to lose a few. last summer I was 122lbs. now 150. im miserable. I have never weighed this much. I have always been an avid runner but now i cant get motivated to workout and all i want to do is eat. I also hurt my calf last week and am just now able to walk slowly. I need help on...
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    Laura Max and Debbie (a.k.a. fitness freak)

    I would love to get in on this, I have gained 25ibs since last summer. Im in a bad spot, and I donnt know why. I have never weighed this much.
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    What's your favorite teen movie?

    I love Sixteen candles and Grease. I have also gotten my three girls hooked on Grease.
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    Disney World help needed

    You can do fast pass as many times as time allows you, You get one fast pass every 2 hrs., say you get a fast pass for splash mountain you scan your tickets at 9am most likely it will tell you that you can use your fast pass between 11 and 1. but you cant get a fast pass for another ride until...
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    Disney World help needed

    Disney World I know Disney like the back of my hand. I recommend you get to the Magic Kingdom atleast 20 min before the gates open, this park does take the longest to get to. You have to take the monorail or boat over from the parking area, unless you are staying at a disney resort. The...
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    Suggestions for the Cathe National Tour?

    West Palm Beach!!!!! Please come to West Palm Beach, I will come anytime any day!
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    New Bands Needed

    Any idea when you will have the resistance bands in stock? I desperatly need new one's. One of mine has a rip in it. Thank You in advance.
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    So, what was the LAST concert you saw?

    Nickelback! April 09
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    Ezekiel bread

    I'm curious why this bread is better for you than say Natures own High Fiber bread,which as about 5 grams of fiber per slice and I think only 80 calories.
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    Where is the sugar?

    Very interesting site. I to was surprised by the pineapple.