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  1. dustbunny2

    in the US and still no RWH?

    Anyone else still waiting? I feel like the post office lost a crate of packages or something.
  2. dustbunny2

    Have the PreOrder Mailings Been Completed Yet? Excitedly Anticipating Here in Canada!

    I'm In the DC area and haven't gotten mine either. It stinks but I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  3. dustbunny2

    A Cathe rotation to do in pregnancy

    Try the gentler 6 week XTrain rotation. I am using it as my postnatal rotation.
  4. dustbunny2

    Getting back in shape

    Thanks for the advice. I was looking through the rotation forum and found the easier gentler XTrain rotation and I think it will be perfect!
  5. dustbunny2

    Getting back in shape

    I had a baby 8 months ago and I have really let myself go. I am looking to get back in shape but right now I can't do many of my beloved Cathe DVDs. I am looking for recommendations for something to get me back on track. I was looking into PIYO and considering it, but I hated Recharge in the...
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    Those are two great purchases! You will be busy for a while! Have fun with them.
  7. dustbunny2

    Any Interest in Pinterest

    I'm trying to get into photography. Wow there is so much to learn! I need to find a class. And then there's Photoshop... Of course I love to find makeup tutorials online too. is fantastic.
  8. dustbunny2

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Today was Hard Strikes for me and my chest and shoulders are still talking to me from Burn Sets. i just had to laugh when you had to do the double time jabs. It was tough! I added 4DS High Impact Step for fun today. I just love that one! Renee yes I did change my diet. I'm going a little...
  9. dustbunny2

    X-Train and Weight Gain?

    I would say the weight "gain" is mostly water. You also said you ate "mostly" clean. Try to eat super clean, eat at least 90% clean 10% cheat (that's 2 cheat meals a week). I also recommend not measuring so soon. I would measure once a month. And when measuring take the same measurement 3 times...
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    Well you probably won't have just one DVD for long! I also came to Cathe after The Firm and have not looked back. Make sure you check out The Deal of The Day if you are interested in some new stuff. Rhythmic Step is one of my faves.
  11. dustbunny2

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    I did Burn Sets Chest Back and Shoulders yesterday, and now my shoulders are talking to me today! I didn't realize it till I tried to scratch my back this morning. Ouch. Legs today and even though its 80 minutes, it seems to fly by for me. It hurts, but goes by quickly. Hope XTrain is going...
  12. dustbunny2

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Today was Cardio Legs for me and I kinda impressed myself. Last week I took about 6 breaks to breath and this week it was only 3! Yay, progress! I'm moving my lifting days a little because i spent yesterday driving and I thought my husband might like to work out with me on Saturday. He got...
  13. dustbunny2

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Today was legs for me and wow, that flew by but, man is my booty tired! I left the weight out of my pizza presses and still couldn't do all the reps! I thought I wouldn't be able to walk after cardo leg blast, but this is much worse!(in a good way) bchgrl40 I am doing a whole30 right now and...
  14. dustbunny2

    This blew my mind!

    Healthy Redefined Part 1: Measuring the Obesity Crisis | BEAUTY REDEFINED I hope the linked worked, I'm not super computer savvy. Anywho... This article blew my mind. I knew BMI isn't the best measurement for health, especially for men, but number 8 was crazy. In one day, you went from...
  15. dustbunny2

    Treadmill Dancing!

    Well at least you wouldn't get bored while walking on the treadmill this way! And it looks like a good workout to me. :D
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    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    The whole30 is a super strict 30 day paleo plan. No sugar, grains, dairy and legumes. You eat lots of veggies, protein and fats. It's supposed to reduce systematic inflammation, get rid of sugar cravings and reset your body. They have a blog called the whole9 and a book called It Starts With...
  17. dustbunny2

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Today was bi's and tri's for me. When I picked up the wieghts to do the preacher curl, I put those back down and got lighter ones! Wow those are tough. On a note unrelated to XTrain, I am doing a Whole30 and I was so exhausted today. I can't wait till the energy phase comes in.
  18. dustbunny2

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    I thought I would crash this party. I am also doing the 90 day rotation. I enjoyed my "light" workout of Hard Strikes today. It was tough, but I think the timersaver premix in the rotation is a gift for us. Yesterday was Cardio Leg Blast and I have plenty of room to grow with that one! I am...
  19. dustbunny2

    Firewalker band around the thighs?

    Don't think of them as fat! Think of thunder thighs as powerful thighs! Its kinda of a joke between me and my husband. He is from India and we were visiting my cousin and her new chubby baby. Everyone kept saying things about the baby's thunder thighs. So a few nights later we were laying in...
  20. dustbunny2

    How do you achieve Cathlete or Cathiete status

    I always wondered the same thing. Thanks for asking!