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    Ripped w/ HiiT... not hard enough ;(

    Thank you ladies for treating that post as a joke. I didn't want to say it, but I thought it was total BS when I read it....
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    Does anyone have any experience with Plexis products?
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    Spirulina, does anyone here use it?

    I bought some 400 mg tablets and it says to take 3 t0 6 tabs daily with or without meals. Just wondering if anyone has experience with spirulina. I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks in advance!
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    I picked up a couple Leslie's at yard sales this summer. Easing back into working out. I used some 1 lb gloves last week on one of her walks, and that along with heavier weight that the balls she uses really worked me out! My face was red, sweating....You should get a fine walk in with the...
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    Any Reason Why the Cathe Site Was Down This Morning?

    My God, the service just started last what, Thursday? And it's supposed to be perfect? Maybe someone needs a little meditation to deal with their need for instant gratification.
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    Patiently waiting for announcement......

    Welp, got an announcement, the Daytona Roadtrip!!!!
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    Patiently waiting for announcement......

    Cathe you know we gotta have something to look forward to from you!!! We were hoping there would be an announcement at the road trip. I haven't seen anything yet. Come on, just a hint!!!!! :D
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    A true 100% low-impact step video by Cathe? Suggestions appreciated!

    Hoping for responses as I broke my ankle (tibia) in October, the day after I got all the new Cathe's. I am over 50 so will have to be very careful about jumping, plyo, etc for a while. Luckily, no surgery, just boot and crutches, which come off Friday. I will get 6 physical therapy sessions...
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    Denise Austin must be stopped!

    I HATE Denise Austin
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    Spondylolisthesis dx

    You know what I'm talking bout!!! I will keep you informed and you do the same....
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    Spondylolisthesis dx

    That's great that you don't need anymore injections right now. And you know what can help next time....I went to my 4th physical therapy session and told her I wasn't hurting. I learned those basic exercises we all should be doing anyway, the only thing pt was doing was that nerve thing with...
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    Spondylolisthesis dx

    Hey, how did it go?
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    Spondylolisthesis dx

    Thanks for taking the time to tell me your story. Horizontal conditioning makes sense bc of strenthening the core and if your core is strong, supposedly your back is strong. Wondering if I should get a starter of it for when my back is better...??? I have just started looking at some of the...
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    Spondylolisthesis dx

    I would love to hear your backstory!!! Glad the prolotherapy is helping. I had PT today, it helped for an hour or so. I'll be glad when it is not so flared up.......And Cathe's new discs coming soon......:(...But I know, the easier I take it now, the sooner I will be able to get back to...
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    Spondylolisthesis dx

    :mad:My back was hurting quite a bit, hamstrings were really tight, when I would get up in morning, usually just bounced out of bed, was so stiff in lower back and hams that I could hardly walk. Pain and stiffness would go away later but I finally went to doc and the xrays showed...
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    Besides Cathe's newest, what other workout releases are you looking forward to?

    I am going to learn to belly dance. Not sure of what dvd to buy though. Any suggestions?
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    She's Getting Ready to Film Again!!!!

    I knew the website was just too quiet.....
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    IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got mine today in Arkansas!!! They came in mail today!!! Can't wait to get home from work!!!
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    All Of Cathe Rotations

    The list sounds great...What is your email? :) I am so ready for Xtrain series!!!!
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    Anyone Own a Vitamix and a Juicer?

    I have burned up 4 blenders in the past year. I love my smoothies!!! A friend at work had a blender in his garage, he brought it to me, it's a Vitamix 5000!!!!! How lucky could I get for this to just fall in my lap??.......Haven't used it yet, cleaning it up this weekend....