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  1. J

    STS 2.0 Update

    Thanks for the update! I am getting my fitness stamina back again to be ready for STS 2! :D
  2. J

    Barbell clips for Fit Tower - Are they available anywhere?

    As luck would have it, I found a fit tower but need the barbell clips. Is anyone looking to sell an extra pair of the barbell clips?
  3. J

    Knee friendly options

    I've been modifying as I go to make most workouts accessible when my knees need a break.
  4. J

    Barbell clips for Fit Tower - Are they available anywhere?

    It's no longer made. :( I read somewhere there were no plans to offer the tower and accessories in the future. An ebay alert for parts is the best options for clips. it's extremely hard to come by anything for this product.
  5. J

    Anyone else getting restless???

    i really jumped the gun because i thought a preorder meant everything was filmed and was in final production. here i was just waiting for clips these last few weeks smh lol
  6. J

    What Cathe Workouts Can I Do After Hip Replacement??

    Maybe Hard Strikes or Boxing type of workout without any of the kicking parts?
  7. J

    Announcing Cathe's Next DVD Series - Ripped with HiiT™

    Ohh, I'm interested. Wondering what the music will sound like otherwise I would do the preorder.
  8. J

    Pure Strength, Pure Love

    please post your "Blast from the Past" rotation if you find the title of the first very video. oldies are the best to me. :)
  9. J

    Great Glutes = DOMS

    how did i manage to not know about great glutes? you've piqued my interest. DOMS, you say? sign me up for some (good) torture! haha
  10. J

    Pure Strength, Pure Love

    I'd never thought the day would come when I would slack off on cardio in favor of doing weight training. Pure Strength puts a smile on my face every time I head to the weight room in my garage at 9 PM. The funky music gets me hyped up. The old set reminds me of the 80s (something I don't know...
  11. J

    Influencing the next generation

    aww, such a sweet story!
  12. J

    Cathe, which Series.....

    yes i agree. i got muscle max after i was highly inspired by her shapely arms.
  13. J

    Commit to get FIT & Lean for April 2014!

    Count me in! I did Power Hour. Tomorrow? Kick, Punch & Crunch (I'm addicted to it.)
  14. J

    April 2014 "No Fools" Rotation

    Ooh wee, Ain't no fooling around on this rotation. :D Gonna blow through some serious fat.
  15. J

    Kick Punch and Munch

    Goodness, I did Kick, Punch and Crunch the other day for the first time and caused a flash flood in my house from all of the sweat. I haven't had a good sweat like that since who knows when. I enjoyed the workout and wanted to go for seconds. :D But I will wait until next week...Boy, oh, boy...
  16. J

    Optional Countdown Timer

    A timer would be excellent. I hate having to estimate how long I have left in a workout. I find I stay more focused if I know I only have 5 minutes left and such.