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  1. jewels5

    February 2024 rotation

    I was so happy to see all these older workouts! Thank you Cathe!!
  2. jewels5

    Plantar Fibromatosis

    Hello! Does anyone have any experience with plantar Fibromatosis? I was diagnosed with this and prescribed a steroid and pain meds, along with inserts, but hoping to hear a success story or some helpful tips. Thank you!
  3. jewels5

    morton's neuroma

    Good morning Debbie, Ironically I came here for a different foot problem and noticed your post. I'm 56 and have been dealing with Morton's Neuroma since I was 25. They make inserts specifically for MN and are extremely helpful. It takes some getting used to a first but I found the ones in the...
  4. jewels5

    Pre-Order My 4 New Workouts - Estimated To Ship In December 2023

    This made my day. I opened up my phone to see about ordering a barbell from Cathe and poof! I see this email.
  5. jewels5

    Favorite mixed series rotation

    You must have had great results! I love Muscle Endurance. I'll never forget the time I used a 15 pound dumbbell (I don't have plates) not realizing I was doing nearly killed me lol.
  6. jewels5

    Favorite mixed series rotation

    Thank you, ashaw! Yes that's very helpful. I agree ICE has lots of core work included. For the Intensity Series, do you repeat each week or are you referring to just one week? That's another one of my favorites. Thanks again
  7. jewels5

    Favorite mixed series rotation

    Can anyone recommend their favorite mixed series rotations? I'm currently about to wrap up Strong and Sweaty /ICE...not quite ready for STS2.0 just yet. Thanks!
  8. jewels5

    April 2023 Rotation

    I'm starting this one this evening! I love these workouts!
  9. jewels5

    LITE/ICE Rotation

    I realize this is an old post but I'm starting this today if anyone wants to join me. I'm still old school and doing Cathe's DVDs but have been only lasting about two weeks into my rotations before starting over so I'm sticking to a couple of my favorites (plus subbing the Perfect30 weight...
  10. jewels5

    MakeUp Question

    I haven't used an applicator in years just because I prefer the long brushes in different shapes for the eyes, but an eye shadow I have used consistently (in neutrals) is naturally pretty essentials by it cosmetics at Ulta Beauty. It's called the Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette and...
  11. jewels5

    2010 Get Ready for Summer Rotation

    Fitnessfreak, thanks so much for this rotation! I have one more workout left and at a loss for what to do next. In the beginning I wasn't sure I could keep up with all the step workouts but my lower body toned up so much! Not sure if it was all the cardio combined, but I saw huge results in my...
  12. jewels5

    Burn the Holiday Fat Rotation

    Thank you for posting this! I have always wanted to try one of your rotations and was looking for something I can stick with to get me to the summer! Started today! :)
  13. jewels5

    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Hi Terina! Aloha! ☀️ Great job with your workouts! Did you happen to post your B&at workout on Cathe’s Instagram post the other day? I saw someone posted that workout and I wondered if it was you. ICE Metabolic Total Body is one of my all-time favorite workouts. Today was my first workout since...
  14. jewels5

    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Thanks Terina! I'm feeling better today but still don't completely have my voice. I went back to work today and if I have the energy to do something light this evening I will but nothing too strenuous. Are you back at it this week?
  15. jewels5

    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Hey Terina, thanks for checkin in. I know it's hard taking rest days/weeks. I've been meaning to check in...I ended up sick again. :( I work for a dog walking service and I think the cold hasn't allowed me to fully recover. Anyway, my workout for Tuesday was XTrain Hard Strikes w/boxing...
  16. jewels5

    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Thanks Terina. It's funny, I was following your lead with the rest day yesterday, then I saw your post last night about working out and I just wasn't feeling it then. Lol Good job thinking ahead. I don't normally like to take rest days on Sundays (or weekends in general for that matter) but I...
  17. jewels5

    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Hello! Today’s workout was Tabatacise. I did the warm up plus T1, T2, T3, and stretch. Glad that ones over. It was supposed to be Monday’s workout but I wasn’t up for it. I think I will attempt the 300 walking lunges later.
  18. jewels5

    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Good morning! This morning I did Super Cuts + Bonus Core #2. I skipped the BBW since I added on the lower body exercises yesterday. I’m kind of off track in the rotation so may do them tomorrow or Sunday. TGIF!!
  19. jewels5

    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Terina, Yes, I ordered the booty bands last night! I took one look at a pic of her booty and I was sold. Lol! No seriously I can’t wait and am so glad you recommended these! I’ve been looking for a couple months and wasn’t able to decide.