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    Muscle Max

    I'm having this problem too. Edited to add: I see in the bug forum that you're aware of this. Thanks! :)
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    Discontinued VHS as downloads?

    That is a great idea!
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    STS Tower Update - We're Finished!

    Woo hoo! Now it's time for Operation Stalk UPS!
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    What songs have you made up for your pet?

    Coming out of lurkdom to say that I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this! lol I sing to my kitty all the time & make up nonsense words to familiar tunes.
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    Fat Loss Rotation While Slimming the Lower Body?

    >I am reviving this thread in hopes of reaching U2girl is >she's still around here. I was finally able to attain the >Muscle & Fitness 2003 issue. Unfortunately I cannot find the >article that you were referring to in it (fat loss for pear >shapes). By any chance did you mean M&F Hers...
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    Excel Spreadsheet for DVD

    >I sent you one too - it has all Cathe's weight workouts in >it. Tess, can I get a copy too? My email is [email protected]. Thanks!
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    What does your POST-workout meal consist of?

    >I try to get a smoothie (easily digestible) with a 4-to-1 >carb-to-protein ratio right after a workout (which is what >many recommend). I use Vega meal replacement or some combo of >hemp protein powder and other ingredients. How does the Vega taste? I've been wanting to try it. I have...
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    Updated Cathe Compendium??

    Can you please email a copy to geekygirl2007 at Thanks!
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    THANKS Cathe - Just competed for the first time this weekend

    RE: THANKS Cathe - Just competed for the first time thi... Wow, great job! Very inspiring! :-)
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    AC: Love it or leave it?

    I'm in Texas, with 100+ temperatures, so I love my AC, but I keep it on 79-80 & use my ceiling fans to circulate the air. I do shut off the AC & open my windows a good bit too, in the early morning or evening, to let some fresh air in. I am very warm natured & would prefer to keep my AC at...
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    any born again christians here?

    I mostly lurk around here, but I am a Christian. It's great to see so many on this board!
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    Cathe cookbook

    I would like one as well!! Thanks!!
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    Cathe Compendium

    I would love a copy!! [email protected] Thanks in advance!!
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    Eat to Live website?

    Ok, I'm going to have to try the Lara Bars! I too wondered about how to eat so many raw veggies in one day. In looking through the recipes in the raw books I have, I see there is quite a bit of variety you can have. Some of the recipes are amazingly creative--I was actually surprised. I...
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    Eat to Live website?

    Hi, Kathryn. That 70-95% raw sounds great. That is what I am aiming for down the line--75% raw or more. How do the Lara Bars taste? I've heard of them, but I've never had one. I have Alissa Cohen's book & DVD. You are right--it really helps to see the recipes being prepared. I'll have...
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    Eat to Live website?

    I am not following it currently, but I plan on slowly implementing what he suggests. I am an aspiring vegan & am very interested in eating a high raw diet. I just need to quit reading about it & start doing it, lol.
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    Eat to Live website?

    Hello, everyone. I am new to posting here, but I have been lurking for about 6 months now. I have seen posts from several of you who are following Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live program. I was wondering if anyone here belongs to the member center portion of his website. I am thinking about...