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    :::: CHEETAHS :::: Wednesday

    Good Morning Cheetahs! (yawn) I am tired this AM. I think the heat is finally catching up to me! I think the humidity is gone today though, thank goodness!!!! Today is a rest day for me. I am going to do some Cathe Stretch Max this afternoon. That should feel good!!! Have a...
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    Hawaii... breath-taking!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every second of it! You can't do anything wrong there. Do as much as you can but make sure to relax and enjoy the beauty of it all too! "Exercising is an addiction - but a healthy, 'feel good' addiction to...
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    ::: CHEETAHS ::: Tuesday in the hot zone

    Thanks Christine! Being here will help me to start up on my running again. Once I get started, I know I will be addicted! A good addiction - exercising!!!!! Every morning at 5AM I do either my Pilates, Yoga, Core, or Cathe DVD's. I want to bring in some running too now. I did...
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    :::: CHEETAHS :::: Muscle thru Monday

    Thank you Cheetahs for your warm welcome backs! It is so good to be back. Everyone here is always so nice! YOu will keep me motivated to start up and keep on running! :) Amy
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    ::: CHEETAHS ::: Tuesday in the hot zone

    Good Morning Cheetahs! Wanted to wish all a great day! Another hot one here! Did some Pilates this AM. Love it for the abs!!!! Can't wait to start running again! Soon! Amy :)
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    How to post picture of myself!

    Thank you ladies! Your information is very helpful!!! I will check it out! :)
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    :::: CHEETAHS :::: Muscle thru Monday

    Thanks Wendy! Love your website by the way! Good for you! Cathy - yes I teach little ones. We are out in 2 weeks. I just did my Cathe workout and I am sweating bullets! Hahaha! It is so humid here!!!!!!! Off to the shower and then a long day of work! Have a great day...
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    :::: CHEETAHS :::: Muscle thru Monday

    Hello Cheetahs! Good to be back here! I often thought how everyone was doing here! :) Teaching is not over for me for another few weeeks. The kids are excited and ready to leave. It is so hot on the east coast too! I will miss them, but I need a break too...
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    How to post picture of myself!

    I just found this after playing a bit on this site: How do I post images? You can just include the imageurl ( i.e. in your message. Or you can also upload an image(this option has to be enabled by the administrator) by clicking on Click here to...
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    How to post picture of myself!

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone could list the steps I need in order to post a picture of myself? Thank you!!!! :)
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    Hi CHEETAHS!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a year but I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School vaca is coming up (I am a teacher) and I want to spend some time here this summer!!!!!!!!!!! I got new running sneaks and I am ready to begin again!!!!!! Question - can someone tell me how to post an image...
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    ::: CHEETAHS ::: Wednesday

    Hello Cheetahs! Just popping in to say hello to you all! I have been on a Leslie Sansone kick lately. I am up at 4:30AM every morning doing DVD's, and on easy days I love to pop Leslie in. She is great! :) I am still a faithful Cathe Lover though! Take care all! Amy :)
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    Amazing CHEETAHS Wed 11/7

    Just a quick hello to the Cheetahs! I am sorry that I am terrible with personals. I am able to quickly read through everyone's posts at work, but I am not always able to write to everyone and I am sorry about this because everyone is so nice here. Just wanted to let you that I was...
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    ::: CHEETAHS ::: happy hauntings!!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! For those of you with kids - enjoy! For those of you like me who will be answering the door - have fun! I had a great day with my students! They were so cute - the little ones - in their Halloween parade! -Amy :) Life is short so enjoy and...
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    ::: Cheetahs:::: Tuesday!!!!

    Hello to the Cheetah Babes! Just wanted to wish everyone a great day! -Amy :) Life is short so enjoy and appreciate it! :)
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    Thanks... and... ARE YOU EVER COMMING TO BOSTON???

    Please please please - please keep this going until we can convince Cathe to come to Boston!!!! Life is short so enjoy and appreciate it! :)
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    Preview videos first

    Wow! Twisted ankle - hope you are better now! I have them but have yet to watch them. I will! I need to prep myself first! ha! Slow to catch on! :) Life is short so enjoy and appreciate it! :)
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    what is the purpose of calf work?

    Great post! I wish mine were a little bigger. But don't we wish for some things we don't have.... :) Life is short so enjoy and appreciate it! :)
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    Life Changes!

    This is so inspirational! Good luck Amy! Good for you! Life is short so enjoy and appreciate it! :)
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    Thanks... and... ARE YOU EVER COMMING TO BOSTON???

    Thank you for this post! Bostonians - Let's pray Cathe will come here!!!!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is short so enjoy and appreciate it! :)