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  1. bjbowers

    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    2004 and I'm still here as a lurker! I see some familiar names too!!
  2. bjbowers

    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    I'm so sorry Renee. Your family is in my prayers.
  3. bjbowers

    Has anyone see Oz-

    I saw it the first weekend and absolutely LOVED it!!!! I saw it in 3D and it was worth it to me. Most 3D movies I have seen lately have fallen way short of being impressive IMO. I'm a huge Zach Braff fan and he did great in the movie! We are going to see it again but not at the theatre. It...
  4. bjbowers

    Facebook Friends

    Another rare poster on FB (and here). I did post last week just wondering why we (me and some of my FB friends are friends on FB but not in real life! I accepted several friend requests originally because I felt I was being rude not doing so, and now I am just slowly blocking people. But I...
  5. bjbowers

    Question for anyone who has taken melatonin

    I just looked catnip tea up and I'm intrigued, thank you! Another thing that I do lately is to turn on my television to the Soundscapes channel and let it play softly. That way no headphones to be in the way if I fall asleep.
  6. bjbowers

    Question for anyone who has taken melatonin

    I've been having trouble falling and staying asleep the last 3 weeks probably...Sleepy Time tea has always been a nighttime ritual for me, even when I'm not having sleep issues. But it alone wasn't doing the trick lately (stress is my problem), so for the last 5 nights I've been taking 3mg of...
  7. bjbowers

    Supreme 90 day: Who has tried this?

    Where do you get the coupons? I remember seeing an ad for BB&B when the store near me first opened, and on the back they would have $5 off a purchase of $15 or more, but I don't even think I get those anymore... ETA: Nevermind lol! I just found it and got one!
  8. bjbowers

    Supreme 90 day: Who has tried this?

    I don't have it (yet) but I saw it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $9.99!!!! Don't know if you have one of those stores near or not, but thought I would mention it!
  9. bjbowers

    Joe Paterno

    I'm glad Paterno got fired. McQueary needs to go too, he was the one who witnessed it first hand. I AGREE!!!!! I don't understand why it's different for him???? He should have done more! I don't get it.
  10. bjbowers

    Ragnar Relay

    I ran the Ragnar Northwest Passage in 2007 and I had such a blast! I was nervous going in because I didn't train enough I felt, but we all did great! Only real comment I can think of is that don't expect any real good sleep during your down time, we slept on wrestling mats in a high school...
  11. bjbowers

    A final farewell to 2010 (top 10 cutest videos)

    Thanks for posting that Kathryn! I especially loved the voice activated Corgi!!
  12. bjbowers

    Where is Kathryn?

    I just reported it to, hopefully they will delete it. Amy, you shouldn't be embarrassed, I don't think badly of you, only this Darren Cotter freak, that's why I want them to delete his posts!
  13. bjbowers

    Favorite scary movies

    I think I would pee my pants if I saw a Michael Myers prop!!! That would seriously scar me...I can still freak myself out sometimes at night going from my car to the front door while thinking I could turn around and see Michael slowly stalking towards me!!! I end up running to the front door...
  14. bjbowers

    Chilean Miners

    Wow!! How awful for his wife!! That would be so painful to watch, even though he wasn't overly emotional or affectionate toward her, still...very hard to swallow since it appears the wife found out about her during a vigil for the miners!
  15. bjbowers

    Lurkers are very interesting people...

    Now THAT post got me to respond! I was going to reply when I first started reading the thread that I'm mainly a lurker, I used to post more blah, blah, blah, but then decided not to post at all. Then I saw this and it made me laugh!!!
  16. bjbowers

    pantyhose or no?

    Another vote for no pantyhose!!!!
  17. bjbowers

    Congratulations Liann

    Congratulations!! She is absolutely beautiful!!!
  18. bjbowers

    What are your favorite things about the summer?

    Summer *just* arrived here yesterday!!! So happy about it too!! I love the smell of fresh cut grass Sitting outside on the patio (what I would do for Gayle's pool!!!) Camping BBQ's with friends How light it stays out when I get off work I get all antsy and want to run when I get off...
  19. bjbowers

    Is anyone else a bit disturbed by VW's ads?

    I loved Slug Bug!!! I still get the urge to punch someone and say Slug Bug when I see the old ones. Great memories!!
  20. bjbowers

    So what do you think. . . .

    Travis, it's adorable!! It suits the shape of your face so well!