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    Several of the workouts have the word "fusion" in the titles. I don't really understand what that entails. Like "Pilates Fusion." I'd love to have that concept explained and to see what Pilates Fusion would be like. I loved it when Cathe put out the short video showing what Functional...
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    Pre-Order My 4 New Workouts - Estimated To Ship In December 2023

    Does anyone remember when the calendar is offered for preorder? I'd love to include it in my order and get free shipping on it.
  3. exercise-lover

    Video Clip Of Cathe's STS 2.0 Giant Sets

    This looks fantastic -- love the set too. Can't wait!
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    So thankful for the total body and total upper/lower body workouts. I ordered mostly for these (and the abs). Also so thankful Cathe is still making DVDs. Lots to be thankful for!
  5. exercise-lover

    STS Muscle & Recovery Cathe Mini Ball Bonus Abs

    Those horizontal moves just kill my wrists. Hope the whole workout isn't in the horizontal position! Using pushup stands help, but that's awkward for some movements. LOVE the other two bonus workouts tho.
  6. exercise-lover

    Cathe STS Muscle & Recovery Bonus Standing Abs

    Love standing abs -- can't wait to see what other bonuses will be included.
  7. exercise-lover

    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Is All About Heavy Weights

    So glad there will be total body workouts! THANKS.
  8. exercise-lover

    More Total Body

    I am really hoping for some total body options in the new series, even if it's total body premixes or upper body and lower body splits. I just don't do body part splits -- just not the way I work out.
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    Workout Forums?

    I lurk on "" Usually look at the "Reader Forum" then "General Discussion."
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    STS: 2.0 update

    I'm curious if there will be any total body workouts, or at least total upper body and total lower body. I don't like working body parts on separate days. I loved how Cathe has combined various body parts into a total body workout, like in the Push/Pull premix on the Shred Cardio of Fit Split...
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    About My New Workout Series

    I'm hoping for some total body workouts or at least total UB workouts. I loved how you made the push/pull premix for total body and the extra pyramid dvd for total body. I rarely do body part splits (bis/tris one day and chest/back another day). Just not the way I workout. Please consider...
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    PHA2 vs PHA3

    Tell us what you think when you get it. Love to hear your review, Mcpjd50.
  13. exercise-lover

    PHA2 vs PHA3

    PHA 3 is my favorite, although I also like PHA 2! PHA 3 keeps my heart rate higher and works some muscles from different angles. The original PHA is my LEAST favorite because she repeats the segments 3 times -- I hate that much repetition. Just my opinion.
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    Apple Watch

  15. exercise-lover

    Heart Rate Monitors

    Oh I love the idea of no chest strap but accurate. Thanks! I'll go check it out.
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    Heart Rate Monitors

    Thanks, Firemedic. I'll check out the A370. I did try the Garmin also and returned it. Not at all accurate. Told me a workout I did burned 970 calories -- I wish! Good to hear I was not the only one. Does the A370 use a chest strap? A little confused about what you said about getting one...
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    Heart Rate Monitors

    I have used a Polar FT4 for so many years I've lost count. I just love it, but it finally died. I was going to order a new one but can't find it for sale! Does anyone know if Polar discontinued this model? I'd be reluctantly willing to switch to a newer model. I only track the amount of...
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    Love the calendar!!!

    Love the calendar (I love it each year)!
  19. exercise-lover

    Getting SOOO excited for the new workouts!

    Nothing more motivating to me than a new workout series! They look great.