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    New Series

    Excellent post, Bethj. You are spot on. I, too, am of the 60+ group and very much appreciate Cathe offering this series for those who need a workout that is "kinder and gentler" on joints but still challenging and definitely in the intermediate category. My advice to those who are...
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    Are the new FitTower dvds still a "go" for spring?

    Thanks much Cathe! Am looking forward to them!
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    Anyone have experience with cat urinating outside of box?

    My husband's cat does the same thing. She showed up at our door when she was about 4 months old and we have had her for 9 years now. She continues to urinate outside the litter box even now. She poops in the box--never outside it. She just chooses not to pee in there. We have lived in four...
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    ninja blenders

    I agree with Glenda. I love my Ninja. I have had it for over a year and I use it often to make fruit and veggie smoothies. I have never used a Vitamix so can't speak to the difference. Many of the ladies on this forum seem to be sold on the Vitamix, so it must be an excellent product. But...
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    So Adorable...please help

    Adorable! I voted ....
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    Question about Ellipticals

    I just purchased a Nordic Track A.C.T. elliptical trainer. Have been having some knee problems and need to do low impact cardio. My question is about shoes. For those of you who use ellipticals, do you wear shoes and, if so, what kind--low profile, walking, running, or training? Thanks in...
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    Cross Train Xpress - what are your thoughts?

    I love this dvd. It is one of my favorites. Leaner Legs is a very effective workout. I mostly use disc 2 with the upper body workout, Leaner Legs and ab work, and I would purchase it for this disc alone.
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    Taking a BIG leap! Prayer request.

    You are absolutely doing the right thing. Am sending prayers and positive energy your way for a happy life for you and your son.
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    I am sure this has been talked about...

    First, good for you for helping your sister. You have been given a lot of good advice here. I would add that maybe High Step Circuit would not be a bad choice, as it is labeled beginner/intermediate (one of the few Cathe workouts not labeled advanced). I also agree with someone's suggestion...
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    I'll be watching you .....
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    Progress is slow going, but it's going.

    You look great, Janie! You are such an inspiration .... and thanks for sharing your journey with us!
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    any healthy-ish prepkged frozen meals?

    I second the Amy's burritos. They are quick and easy. Add some salsa and a small salad and you have a complete meal. I, too, recall a previous thread where someone mentioned that Kashi's claims were "questionable." So I stay away from them, as well as the Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice...
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    I'm benching 65#'s from doing STS

    Great job, Janie!! You are truly an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story.
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    Thanks, Janie. Very funny! I would like to have seen a mural of a huge bear on the wall behind the guy on the first one!! He kept looking back like there was something after him.
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    kathryn--I am so sorry for your loss. I know what you mean by the difference between making the decision and having nature take its course. It is so much more difficult, and I am truly sorry. Hugs to you. We have missed you.
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    My precious Punky

    I am so sorry. I know from experience how hard this is and how sad you are right now. Time heals and you will be okay, even though it doesn't seem so now.
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    Total opposite

    Just FYI--I purchased Chaleane Extreme when it first came out. I also purchased one for my sister so that we could help motivate each other. I followed this program to the letter for two months and saw absolutely no results whatsoever. Same for my sister. I was very careful about my diet and...
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day Today!

    I will be walking, too. It is springtime and things are "greening" up outside, so I think it's appropriate. I will pass on the green beer, too and maybe have a big salad--more green. Anyway, here is an Irish Blessing: May those who love us, love us And those who don't, May God turn...
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    Has anyone had surgery for impingement OR for removal of bone spurs in the shoulder?

    About three years ago, I was diagnosed with bone spurs/impingement in my right shoulder. I had problems/pain in my shoulder for a couple of years before I finally went to a doctor. At times during those two years, it was extremely painful to the point where if I rolled over onto that side...