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  1. snyderca

    Michelle Dozois Bodyfit 360

    I also have all 3 so thought I would chime in . The main one , the first body360 is the one which has yoga and Pilates but moves faster than traditional . Athletic conditioning is just as the title indicates , and it's more conditioning vs yoga. I think it's pretty challenging. Dance...
  2. snyderca

    Cathe's Body Building Rotation Question

    Jaine-I too was like you , rushing to get results when I first started out with kettlebells earlier this summer. I did way too much too fast and too heavy and ended up with tennis elbow. However due to your honesty and info around tennis elbow (and many others here) I knew what I had immediately...
  3. snyderca

    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Renee so sorry for your loss. All my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  4. snyderca

    Workout/rotation advice for husband

    Hi Amanda. Maybe your husband could look into Funk Roberts. He is an MMA trainer and has over 100 free videos on YouTube . They are not follow along videos but shows you what to do. He's big into total body. 10 exercises time based (ie 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest). Exercises are...
  5. snyderca

    Cathe's Make-Up

    I recently was 'cornered' in Macy's by a Bobbi brown make-up artist and I just fell in love with the make-up and dropped a small The eyeshadows go on so smooth and look awesome. She showed me some great tricks and gave me a ton of freebies . I'm hooked!! :)
  6. snyderca

    Cathlete Facebook Group

    Hi Anna. I just sent you a request thru FB
  7. snyderca

    Aerobic Flooring/Plyorobic Flooring

    Hi I also workout in the unfinished part of our basement and I use puzzle mats on the concrete. I double them up for additional padding. I've had 3 knee surgeries so I'm all about protecting my knees! The mats work great. Chris
  8. snyderca

    Download Use Question

    The easiest thing to do is download once to your computer. Save the files to a specific folder. Then move them to iTunes. From there you can move them to any device. I swap them to my phone or iPad depending on how much room I have . Chris
  9. snyderca

    Steady state DVDs?

    I would say that Low Impact Challenge step from low impact series and Step Blast are probably more steady state. Both are awesome step programs . Chris
  10. snyderca

    Amy Bento Fans

    It's a private FB site that she has to approve you to join. I just joined. Google Amy bento Ross FB site. You should find it.
  11. snyderca

    Would I need Turbo Tower for STS-TBW?

    Wow!!! I feel like I just found a new workout. I quickly ran through that premix and there are a few different exercises and it seems like a different workout!! So cool! I'm so glad I found this out. I need to get better at checking out all the premixes !!! Just like body max 2. If you do the...
  12. snyderca

    Amy Bento Fans

    I really like Amy Bento. I discovered her before Cathe. I have most of her workouts including Advance Step Challenge II and III. I don't do as many of her workouts anymore BUT I always keep the 2 step workouts in my rotation. It took me a long time to learn ASC II but the only step I did before...
  13. snyderca

    Which Cathe DVDs are the most like crossfit/primal/paleo?

    Hi. I agree with Renee and would also add To The Max, Crossfire and Intensity series Bootcamp. There are more but these are good ones to consider. I find that crossfit, boot camp , metabolic training and circuit workouts all have a similar feel to them. You can't go wrong with any of these...
  14. snyderca

    Need weight suggestions

    Hi Melissa. I just sold a smaller dumbbell rack on Craigslist. I had 20,25,30 and 35's on there. I did have the 30's and 20's on the top and could have put the heavier ones up top as well but I don't use them as much so they stayed on the bottom. I didn't have any issues with tipping and the...
  15. snyderca

    Need weight suggestions

    Too bad you are not in Delaware! I'm selling my 12lbs and 15lbs pretty cheap !! And a nice rack
  16. snyderca

    Ordering downloads and DVDs

    Ha ha! I agree! iPads are great. If you decide to get the downloads and you play them from either your laptop or iPad, iPod..make sure you either bring your laptop to best buy or wherever you buy the cables so you get the right ones. Also make sure the cables provide sound. This is important...
  17. snyderca

    Ordering downloads and DVDs

    I am exactly like you. My fitness room is in my basement with a large tv and DVD player without any cable or Internet. . I have tons of equipment and space so that's the only place I workout. You can make up any workout you want using the workout blender with your downloads . You then save the...
  18. snyderca

    Ordering downloads and DVDs

    Get both!!! For $20 more you seriously can't go wrong. Like Natasha, I've put together some crazy workouts using xtrain, crossfire and to the max. I am addicted to the workout blender!! It's so easy to use and worth the extra money. Chris
  19. snyderca

    Why no Heavy Leg work in Xtrain?

    Wow great idea!! This premix with core and a burn set ..awesome! I really cannot get enough of this series and how versatile it is!!! Chris
  20. snyderca

    Hard Strikes Heavy Bag Tabatas!!

    How do you like the addiction workouts? And Rumble? That's the only Amy MMA I don't have. I didn't know she had a heavy bag section on that DVD . Chris