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  1. trixie108

    Wen hair care

    I'm going to chime in on the lovefest, and say, unfortunately Wen did NOT work for me. I have shoulder length hair, and it's thin, but I have a lot of it. I used Wen as directed one evening and by 2pm the next day my hair was a huge ball of grease! It felt like I hadn't washed it for days. So...
  2. trixie108

    Prayers for Gary Brown

    Wait was this in Indiana? Wasn't that guy a convicted violent sex offender? I recall reading about that...
  3. trixie108

    Spin dvd recommendations needed

    I really like Mindy's new Short & Sweet. There are 3 workouts each under 30 minutes, and I absolutely love them. They're great alone, or you can string them together for a longer workout. There is some techno type music that I think is great, but others may not like. I don't believe there is a...
  4. trixie108

    Getting rid of cellulite by supplementing EFA's

    Have any of you tried barre? I know it's helped my cellulite a lot, and I've heard quite a few other success stories. That and lotion every day - not sure if it's the moisture that helps or the massaging action though.
  5. trixie108

    P90X/Ebay/Legal issues!!!

    If they were your own copies that were purchased via a BeachBody coach or from BeachBody directly, you have nothing to worry about. If they were bootlegs, I'd contact your lawyer, as you did commit a crime and they could legitimately go after you in court. Crime never pays!
  6. trixie108

    Tattoo Removal

    That epidural information is a myth. Yes, the tattoo must be healed, but that takes 8-12 weeks, and you can't get a tattoo while pregnant, so the whole point is moot.
  7. trixie108

    Tattoo Removal

    Do you have a tattoo artist picked out for the new part of the tattoo? I would talk to one of them first, because a lot of times you can have it zapped just once or twice - enough to lighten it a bit, then the artist can cover it up. I've seen some amazing coverups done, and they didn't have the...
  8. trixie108

    Been drinking a LOT more water...BUT...

    See I think everyone is different in their water needs, just as different workouts work for different people. I drink TONS of water, but only use the bathroom 3 or 4 times a day (maybe I just have a oddly large bladder, IDK). My fiancee on the other hand drinks very little water, but is...
  9. trixie108

    My DD may have scoliosis - anyone dealing with this?

    We used to get "tested" for scoliosis in grade school, and our nurse sent me to a specialist because she thought I had it. Turns out my rib cage is uneven and it throws my spine out of whack. As long as I get adjustments every 6 months or so it's no big deal (I'm 28 now). I wouldn't panic...
  10. trixie108


    Why not try something totally different? There have been tons of people (myself included) that got amazing results from switching from heavy weights to barre workouts. Maybe your body will respond to the change.
  11. trixie108

    Got 20 copies of Collage catalog

    I received 4 catalogs, but haven't ordered anything from them or Cathe in quite some time!! I didn't think anything of it at first, because we just moved, so I figured that messed something up, but it looks like it was a pretty big computer glitch!!
  12. trixie108

    Problem areas?

    I actually have both sets, but I would get the first set, I think it's a little easier than the second. I think QVC has a slightly better price than the P57 site. Have fun! Those workouts get addicting :)
  13. trixie108

    Problem areas?

    Physique 57!!! It has almost completely gotten rid of my cellulite in a month. It's sort of scary how quickly it works :0 I do it about 3 or 4 times a week, btw.
  14. trixie108

    should I invest in STS?

    I'm going to agree with Kathryn. I hated changing out the plates and constantly getting my chair/bench/barbell/dumbells/tower. You also need a lot of room for this program IMO. I have it, but I'll likely get rid of it soon.
  15. trixie108

    Cathe Doing Radio Ads?

    Kathryn, I thought the SAME THING!!!!
  16. trixie108

    Recomended skin care products (teenage boy's)

    Oooh I had to chime in on this thread. At 28 I am still suffering from adult acne (boo!), BUT I got the MaxClarity system last month, and along with my Clairisonic, my skin is almost perfect!! Seriously, I usually break out really bad during TTOM, but I got one small spot by my hairline, and...
  17. trixie108

    Where is your bookmark? (book thread)

    Elaine, I read The Road a few years ago, before the movie was even in the works, and I HATED it!! I expected some spectacular ending, and it just fizzled. Frankly I don't know how they're going to make a movie out of such a terrible book. OTOH, I had a friend who read it, and loved it, so maybe...
  18. trixie108

    FREAKED OUT About Braces

    Oh my gosh JeanneMarie, I forgot about the bread!! I remember I had a spacer in addition to my braces and bread was the WORST!! I had this little pipe cleaner thing to get the gunk out from between the braces. For the longest time, I would not bite into things-I would either use a fork or tear...
  19. trixie108

    Where is your bookmark? (book thread)

    I'm currently re-reading one of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels (can't remember which one!!). I have all of them, and re-read them every few years. I love the Reacher books! I think after this series I might re-read Janet Evanovich, or the Anita Blake series...
  20. trixie108

    So do you pass out the candy or let them choose?

    I give the kids candy in their bags, because we give out more than one piece. It seems like if you let them pick, they only take one piece. So I give them two or three different types of candy. I think the best part of Halloween (at least for me), was going home and trading candy with my...