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    Can I watch Cathe Live on my computer?

    This may be a very dumb question. Do I need to download an app if I just want to stream it on my computer? I can use an HDMI cord to hook my computer up to my TV.
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    Horse Back Riding?

    Have a wonderful time! You will love it. I had a similar experience (waiting my whole life to ride). My one piece of advice: begin saving for your own horse now! :)
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    STS STS 3.5 Mo.-Is Anyone Else Doing This?

    I am starting sts on Tuesday. I've never done it before and am pretty excited. I've been working on my one rep max testing for the past few weeks as I finish up my 90 day x-train rotation. I've seen a lot of upper body strength gains and lots of definition. Never had that before! For cardio I...
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    Tabatas & Marathon Training

    Hello all (apologizes if this is in the wrong forum!) My husband is a marathoner. Since January, he has been doing Cathe's Tabatacise once a week. Now that he is training, he has started incorporating the Tabata technique in his short runs. He was wondering how many times a week he should do...
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    Any info on Lexington, KY?

    Hi KY Horse park of course. And we really loved Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Home. It was fantastic. Have fun.
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    Spinning Bikes

    Schwinn I got a really nice Schwinn spin bike on Craigslist for $125. I just kept my eye open, checked CL every day, and eventually got a great deal.
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    Spin Series

    I agree how about a nice spin 3-pack? Each with a different focus? Maybe endurance, hills, and speed work?
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    Cycle Max Question

    Craig's List Knowing that I was going to be getting this DVD, I started watching Craigslist for spin bikes. I got one last week (really nice too!) for $125. Used it yesterday, and it was awesome! Loved the DVD.