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  1. amyd

    Favorite Calorie Crush

    The Calorie Crush on Cardio Party! The step is so fun and she even included my all time favorite move...the hip hop repeater
  2. amyd

    Video Clip of Cathe's Strong Express Upper Body Live Workout

    This one had a great series of exercises to get the blood flowing in the shoulders. Also, Cathe threw in bicep curls with one arm behind the back. Talk about a game changer!
  3. amyd

    Indoor Cycle videos

    I really enjoy Cathe Live indoor cycling workouts. They are the best out there, imo.
  4. amyd

    User Guide multiple rotations?

    This is the rotation I’m most excited about seeing. Hope we get to see them all soon!
  5. amyd

    Mini-Natty and all step lovers: listen up!

    Can't wait!! I love step Amy
  6. amyd

    Protein shake breakfast?

    I love Shakeology and have been drinking it everyday for over a year. I find it keeps me full and has helped me to add on muscle mass. Also, my cholesterol levels were awesome last time I had labs done. I rarely get sick and I even work in a doctors office. For me it's worth the cost. I...
  7. amyd

    Shaun T Focus T25

    I'm a pretty active person with some muscle mass. Some people who are sedentary and haven't moved much maybe only burning 800 cals a day. There are TOO many variables and I think the 1200 cals is just a starting point for individuals to figure out what works for them. I'm glad you're...
  8. amyd

    Shaun T Focus T25

    Mini Natty is right! All depends on your program, goals and body. When I do Bodybeast this fall I will increase my cals accordingly.
  9. amyd

    Shaun T Focus T25

    I understand where BB is coming from w/ the 1200 cal diet recommendation. When I used to wear my Bodybugg a day of average activity ie going to work with minimal walking I would only burn about 1200 cals. Everybody's cal needs are different. It's not just BB that has programs with low cals...
  10. amyd

    Shaun T Focus T25

    It's a balanced nutrition plan. It actually lets you choose which meals you prefer. It has them labeled for easy reference. Like a P for a protein heavy meal, C for carb heavy. I think the people probably had such success with weightloss b/c it's low on the calories. I'm 130lbs and 5'5. It...
  11. amyd

    Barbie based on a real woman

    Yep, I'm more like the realistic Barbie. I've got that bottom too!! Lol Amy
  12. amyd

    Shaun T Focus T25

    I've done the first two workouts. So far I am liking them. I disliked Insanity if that tells you anything. The music is just a background beat. I like it. To tell you the truth I'm working so hard that I barely notice it but the moves do hit the beats correctly so it helps with staying on...
  13. amyd

    Peak Fit Challenge/Michelle Dozois - For Advanced Exercisers?

    I will keep you posted Renee! I'm having some issues with my shoulder/ back currently and my Chiro wants me to lay off the upper body training :-( I hate being injured. But my Peak workouts will arrive Monday! Yeah!! Amy
  14. amyd

    Peak Fit Challenge/Michelle Dozois - For Advanced Exercisers?

    Well I caved. I ordered the Peak fit System this morning. I've been in such a workout rut and this looked like a good solid program. I too get great results from cardio/light weight DVDs like the old Firms.
  15. amyd


    Hi everybody, didn't post last week, just got busy and forgot. I've been in a fitness rut lately :-{. I went outside and jogged twice last week. Pretty sad workout week. Need to figure out a plan soon. Wish Cathes new workouts were here already! Amy
  16. amyd

    Tosca Reno Bankrupt RKP

    I think it's interesting that she was posting on FB last month her trip to Europe and Australia. :-{. What's up with that??
  17. amyd


    Thanks for the warm welcome! Finished today's workout Ride and Rear Delts. I absolutely love Rides cool down song and Cathes uplifting spirit shines through! Have a great day ladies. Back to work for me tomorrow :-( oh well :-)
  18. amyd


    Hi ladies this looks like a great motivational group. I'd love to join in. My workout today was AOLIH and burn sets chest. I'm obsessed with the Xtrain workouts. I've had them since January and can't get enough. Amy
  19. amyd

    Any other X-Train shirt issues?

    How does it fit? Is it cut similar to the Cathlete shirt or is it more loose?
  20. amyd

    30 Day Cardio/Strength Rotation!!!

    You talked me into it Nanbo! I think I'll start this rotation tomorrow! Amy