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  1. ReenaPP

    Degenerative Disc Disease

    I have ddd (diagnosed via mri when I was 19 after a car accident); nothing you can really do about it. it is hereditary and I found out after getting the results that it runs in my father's family. With aging, there will be a breakdown of the spinal discs and there may or may not have pain...
  2. ReenaPP

    KPC gloves

    they're boxing wraps (you can wear these underneath gloves instead of traditional wraps). everlast sells them (item 1 is traditional, item 2 is similar to what is used in kpc):
  3. ReenaPP

    Is there anyone who's had PF & found a cure?

    Hi Laura, Sounds like your case is much worse than mine (PF left foot with small heel spur), but just in case - I did most of the things Stebby recommends, but I think the single best thing that cured me was custom orthodics. My podiatrist took a mold for "athletic" orthodics; I only wear...
  4. ReenaPP

    Preggo & Post-Partum Induced Carpal Tunnel

    Hi - anyone out there have experience with post partum carpal tunnel? Apparently, I have it and my neurologist told me rest, rest, rest, which means most of my upper body workouts (so desperately needed tohelp with losing the last 13 or so pounds of baby weight) are out for a it...
  5. ReenaPP

    Cathe, any chance you can update the January 06 rotation

    Hi Cathe - since you recently updated the rock bottoms rotation, I was wondering if you could take a look at the January 2006 rotation (90 mins heavy cardio) and revise it to incorporate some of the shock cardio dvds, the 4DS cardios, along with intensity? I am starting to plan some rotations a...
  6. ReenaPP

    Baby arrival!

    Yay Melanie! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Much hugs to your whole family, especially little Evan!
  7. ReenaPP

    Jan. check in

    Hi Melanie/Jen, I figured I'd start posting here, since I have been scouting older posts the last few weeks as my pregnancy progresses but need real time support :-) . Melanie - I remember posting with you too on the TTC boards :-) looks like we achieved success around relatively the same...
  8. ReenaPP

    STS and pregnancy

    Hi Gigi - I am about 6 months along now and was finishing meso 3 through about the 10th week or so of pregnancy. I spoke to my doctor about the program, and given my fitness level, he said it was fine to continue, but to modify as appropriate and to use my head - I think his exact words were...
  9. ReenaPP

    Ab Compilation Focusing on Plank Work and or Standing Core

    Similar to ab hits, how about a compilation of previous dvds that focus on plank and/or standing core work with a bit of stability ball thrown in, which is easier for certain populations (back issues, pregnancy, etc.). Cathe already has a ton of material; the issue is getting it in one place...
  10. ReenaPP

    Help! Lower back pain from sitting job?

    This may sound bizarre and it would depend on the type of office environment you are in, but what about if you alternate sitting on your chair and a stability ball - a colleague of mine did that for years and swore by it - it really helped strengthen and stabilize her core and improve her...
  11. ReenaPP

    Anybody else disappointed in the music?

    Another voice of dissention here - I did like the music. Big thank you to Cathe and SNM for the high quality products they consistently deliver. In some dvds, I like the music more, in others less - you can't please everyone all of the time and I have no problem accepting that. Certain tracks...
  12. ReenaPP

    your music

    You can look under the specific Cathe downloads and then browse other selections to find via quick time preview selections containing songs that Cathe has used. Amy Bento's Hi-Lo has some, Tribal Beats has alot of the 4DS music and Eurotrance has some Gym Style Legs music, my personal favorite...
  13. ReenaPP

    January Rotation

    January Rotation from Cathe Cathe posted a three month STS/Shock Cardio rotation and then decided to have the first month do double duty as the January 2010 rotation as well - the title of the rotation doesn't specifically state it is: From Cathe: Hi All! Happy New Year! I...
  14. ReenaPP

    Just Completed Cardio Core Circuit!

    This was a great my dvds last night and promptly did this one this morning. 4th round was my favorite - very intense. As a warning - previewing this is deceptive as many of the moves are familiar which may make them seem easy, but sequencing is key and this was a tough workout...
  15. ReenaPP

    Anyone recently take the GRE??

    Hi - congrats on your decision - I went the clinical psych route straight out of college and so I would like to save you some of the headaches I experienced with the GRE and the general application process..... First, the GRE is the bane of all existence....standardized tests like this are...
  16. ReenaPP

    Weight training and the Half-marathon...

    I actually asked Cathe about this at the road trip - for half and full marathon training - she didn't get too specific, but said that many use full body workouts 2x - 3x per week - e.g., muscle endurance, muscle max, power hour, etc. early to mid- stage training and then taper towards race day...
  17. ReenaPP

    Gym Styles - What else do you do when you use them in a given week

    Thanks everyone....I generally do 6 days of cardio to ensure I get my weekly mileage in....I think I will go with working body parts 1x per week with gym styles and if I have the extra energy, go for a full body day to get 2x in .. After summer holiday, I will probably do another sts rotation -...
  18. ReenaPP

    So where are YOU located? :)

    could we really be on page 13 of this thread and I be the first one to say NYC? :-)
  19. ReenaPP

    TTC, ya'll still working it?

    Hi Bethany/Melanie, Just checking in. How are you both doing? Hubby's hours are still crazy, so I am just going with the flow and not worrying too much anymore....what about you guys? Any new news other than your recent posts? Bethany - I will be at the roadtrip - PM me your cell # if...